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Pediatrics - Emergency Medicine

Houston, Texas

BCM pediatricians care for children in various clinical and hospital environments.
Pediatrics - Emergency Medicine
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2010 Pediatric Academic Society Annual Meeting

Vancouver, BC

Poster Presentations

  • North American practice patterns of IV magnesium therapy in severe acute asthma in children. S Schuh, CG Macias, S Freedman, J Zorc, L Bajaj, K Black, D Johnson, M Bhatt, K Boutis.
  • Controlled trial of oral prednisone from triage for mild to moderate acute asthma exacerbations. JJ Sahouria, AC Caviness, B Patel.
  • The use of incentive spirometry in emergency department patients with sickle cell disease to reduce the incidence of acute chest syndrome. FA Ahmad, CG Macias, JY Allen.
  • Apparent life-threatening events in infants without historical or physical findings suggestive of underlying etiology. MC DiStefano, CH Allen, AC Caviness.
  • Is bedsharing associated with apparent life threatening events in infants? A case-control study. E Bosquez, M Carroll, L Ma, U Saz, R Shenoi.
  • Global gene expression signatures in children with respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis presenting to the emergency department. KL Bucasas, AC Caviness, CG Macias, GJ Demmler-Harrison, R Couch, JW Belmont, AI Mian.
  • Pediatric emergency department predictors of acute kidney injury in different disease states using urinary biomarkers. AI Mian, Du Y, AC Caviness, CG Macias, M Bennett, P Devarajan, R Mehta, S. Goldstein.
  • Argininosuccinate lyase is an essential regulator of nitric oxide synthase. A Erez, Y Chen, O Shchelochkov, S Nagamani, M Premkumar, A Mian, T Bertin, M-M Jiang, J Black, H Garg, H Zeng, Y Tang, M Summar, W O’Brien, W Mitch, J Aschner, N Bryan, J Marini, B Lee.
  • Clinical features associated with the diagnostic accuracy of a rapid test in the detection of H1N1 2009 influenza A in pediatric emergency department patients. AC Caviness, AT Cruz, PA Revell, GJ Demmler-Harrison.
  • Mobile Pediatric Emergency Response Team (MPERT): patient satisfaction during the novel H1N1 influenza outbreak. CM Laos, MC DiStefano, AT Cruz, AC Caviness, DC Hsu, B Patel.
  • Risk factors for complicated hospitalization in well-appearing young infants with pertussis. S Wallace, AT Cruz, R Quinonez.
  • Occult pneumonia in children 3-36 months of age presenting with fever without localizing signs. DS Lemke, VJ Seghers, CH Allen.
  • Prevalence of sterile cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis in a large multicenter sample of febrile infants 29-60 days of age with urinary tract infections. D Schnadower, N Kuppermann, CG Macias, S Freedman, M Baskin, P Ishimine, C Scribner, P Okada, H Beach, B Bulloch, D Agrawal, M Saunders, D Moro-Sutherland, M Blackstone, A Samaik, J McManemy, A Brent, J Bennett, J Plymale, P Solari, D Mann, P Dayan.
  • Characteristics and risk of fever in revisiting newborn emergency-department patients. AM Perry, AC Caviness, JY Allen.
  • Direct immunofluorescence assay compared to cell culture for the diagnosis of mucocutaneous herpes simplex infections in children: a ten-year perspective. AC Caviness, L Fowler, UE Saz, JM Greer, GJ Demmler-Harrison.
  • Cerebrospinal fluid findings in infants with pertussis. T Chu, J Groh, AT Cruz.
  • Epidemiology of tuberculosis and nontuberculous mycobacterial infections in Houston children. AT Cruz, JR Starke.
  • Intussusception: post-reduction fasting is not necessary to prevent complications and recurrences in the emergency department observation unit. AO Adekunle-Ojo, AM Craig, L Ma, AC Caviness.
  • ED utilization: the primary care perspective. J Li, B Patel, AP Giardino, CL Dietrich, KA Battenfield, CG Macias.

Platform Presentations

  • Prevalence of intimate partner violence among female caregivers of abused and non-abused pediatric emergency department patients. KM Franchek-Roa, JE Bickel, AC Caviness, MA Lyn.


  • Teaching doctors how to “think” …. keys to reducing diagnostic errors. G Singhal.
  • Making connections across generations: rekindling the passion. G Singhal.

Invited Talks

  • Improving the management of shock. B Patel, CG Macias.

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