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Pediatrics - Critical Care Medicine

Houston, Texas

BCM pediatricians care for children in various clinical and hospital environments.
Pediatrics - Critical Care Medicine
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Renan Orellana, M.D.

Renan Orellana, M.D.


Associate Professor, Section of Critical Care Medicine and Heart Center, Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine

Contact Information:

6621 Fannin St., W6-006, Houston, Texas 77030

Clinical Service Area

Intensive Care

Medical School

University of El Salvador School of Medicine, El Salvador


Nassau County Medical Center, East Meadow, N.Y.


Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

Professional Organizations

Society of Critical Care Medicine
American Society for Nutrition

Research/Clinical Interest

Prehospital care, triage and transport
Nutrition in critical illness
Proteins and amino acid metabolism in critical illness


Murgas Torrazza R, Suryawan A, Gazzaneo MC, Orellana RA, Frank JW, Nguyen HV, Fiorotto ML, El-Kadi S, Davis TA. Leucine supplementation of a low-protein meal increases skeletal muscle and visceral tissue protein synthesis in neonatal pigs by stimulating mTOR-dependent translation initiation. J Nutr. 2010 Dec;140(12):2145-52. Epub 2010 Oct 20. PMID:20962152

Suryawan A, Orellana RA, Fiorotto ML, Davis TA. Leucine acts as a nutrient signal to stimulate protein synthesis in neonatal pigs. J Anim Sci. 2011 Jul;89(7):2004-16 PMID:20935141

Wilson FA, Suryawan A, Orellana RA, Gazzaneo MC, Nguyen HV, Davis TA. Differential effects of long-term leucine infusion on tissue protein synthesis in neonatal pigs. Amino Acids. 2011 Jan;40(1):157-65. Epub 2010 May 27. PMID:20505962

Orellana RA, Wilson FA, Gazzaneo MC, Suryawan A, Davis TA, Nguyen HV. Sepsis and Development Impede Muscle Protein Synthesis in Neonatal Pigs by Different Ribosomal Mechanisms. Pediatr Res. 2011 Jun;69(6):473-8. PMID: 21364490

Gazzaneo MC, Orellana RA, Suryawan A, Tuckow AP, Kimball SR, Wilson FA, Nguyen HV, Torrazza RM, Fiorotto ML, Davis TA. Differential Regulation of Protein Synthesis and mTOR Signaling in Skeletal Muscle and Visceral Tissues of Neonatal Pigs after a Meal. Pediatr Res. 2011. September;70(3): 253-260 PMID: 21654549

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