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Pediatrics - Clinical Effectiveness

Houston, Texas

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The Center for Clinical Effectiveness
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Evidence Based Outcomes Center

Our Mission

The Evidence-Based Outcomes Center (EBOC) supports the mission at Texas Children’s Hospital. The EBOC's activities are designed to promote scientific inquiry, evidence-based practice and quality nursing outcomes at TCH.

This is accomplished through activities of the four programs within the center that include:

  • Evidence-Based Practice Education
  • Research
  • Nursing Quality
  • Evidence-Based Outcomes

The goal of the Evidence Based Outcomes Center is to transition care delivered within the Texas Children’s Hospital Integrated Delivery System to evidence based care through the creation of evidence based clinical guidelines. The guidelines are developed at the EBOC by a multi-disciplinary team of experts. They are then implemented into the clinical practice at Texas Children's Hospital. A multitude of scholarly products are generated from the study of the outcomes derived from the implementation. The Evidence Based Outcomes Center links the academic element of Baylor College of Medicine and clinical care at Texas Children's Hospital through quality improvement strategies.

The Evidence Based Outcomes Center provides opportunities for clinical staff to gain expertise in research and evidence-based practice. The Center can be utilized on many different levels from gaining knowledge of how research and evidence based practice impact clinical care to support for independent grant development.

For more information, please visit the Evidence Based Outcomes Center website on the Texas Children's Intranet. You must have access to the Texas Children's intranet to access this site. If you are viewing this site from a private computer, you must use your remote access device issued by Texas Children's Hospital.

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