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Pediatrics - Cardiology

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Pediatrics - Cardiology
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Fellowship Training Program - Didactic Teaching

  • Basic and Clinical Science Lectures - A weekly seminar is presented in cardiopulmonary physiology, anatomy, embryology, biochemistry, pharmacology, genetics, immunology, statistics, experimental design, and various other topics. Each seminar is presented jointly by either a pediatric cardiology fellow, a member of the basic science faculty, or one of the pediatric cardiology faculty.
  • Special Seminars and Courses presented by Visiting Lecturers - Courses are given by invited participants in topics such as medical writing and other subjects that are not included under the regularly scheduled basic science or clinical science lectures.
  • Research Lecture Series - Lectures are given by individuals from within the section and by invited lecturers.
  • Research Course - The first month of the second year fellowship is spent at a full-time course introducing statistics, experimental design, instrumentation, computers, writing, and grants.
  • Health Administration Lectures - A complete series of lectures covering all aspects of administering a pediatric cardiology program is given.

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