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Pediatrics - Cardiology

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Pediatrics - Cardiology
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Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging and Echocardiography

The non-invasive imaging lab at Texas Children's Heart Center performs approximately 20,000 echocardiograms each year for infants and children with congenital or acquired heart disease and approximately 1,500 echocardiograms for adults with congenital heart disease.

The imaging lab provides tranesophageal, epicardial, ICE and transthoracic echo support in the catheterization labs and operating rooms on a daily basis. Stress and 3D echocardiograms are also offered.

The main echocardiography lab consists of 10 rooms with a four-bed sedation bay and state-of-the-art physician work area that houses four reading stations. We offer this service at our main hospital facility and at four satellite Texas Children's Health Centers, as well as at our new full-service Texas Children's West Campus in Katy.

The lab's 15 pediatric cardiology imaging subspecialists, 20 highly trained pediatric echo sonographers, two dedicated nurses, medical assistant and support staff provide the highest quality patient care and diagnostic imaging to patients from the greater Houston area, surrounding states and around the globe.

In addition to echocardiography, the Heart Center provides cardiac magnetic resonance imaging services and performs approximately 700 cardiac MRIs each year.

Pioneering Treatments for Unborn Children

Our physicians can provide your unborn child with the most advanced diagnosis and fetal intervention available.

Texas Children’s Fetal Center is one of only a few worldwide to offer the full spectrum of fetal therapies. Our specialists use technologically advanced procedures to diagnose your unborn child’s health condition as early as possible. We will make sure you understand the diagnosis and will develop a treatment plan that includes you and your family in every decision.

Physicians at the Fetal Center are internationally recognized leaders in fetal medicine and in fetal and neonatal surgery. We have pioneered important new treatments, such as fetal surgery for spina bifida. The Fetal Center attracts parents from around the world seeking the most advanced care available for their unborn child.

Referrals to the Fetal Center

For a referral, please ask your physician to fax the fetal referral form along with all patient medical records, including labs, ultrasounds and demographic info to 832-825-9403.

Learn More

Learn more about the services provided by our physicians in the Fetal Center including fetal cardiology, fetal echocardiography and fetal interventions on the Pavilion for Women website.

Faculty Members


  • Angel Krueger, RN
  • Laura Mollett, RN
  • Carmen Watrin, RN, MSN

Administrative Contact:

Kathy Kendall (Echo Clinic Manager)


Texas Children's Hospital
6621 Fannin, MC19345-C
Houston, TX 77030

Phone: 832-826-5600
Fax: 832-825-5921

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