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Pediatrics - Anesthesiology

Houston, Texas

BCM pediatricians care for children in various clinical and hospital environments.
Pediatric Anesthesiology
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Pediatric Cardiovascular Anesthesiology Fellowship

Stuart Hall, M.D.Program Director

Stuart Hall, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine

Administrative Contact

Davelyn Smith
Phone: 832-824-5809
Fax: 832-824-0121

General Information

The Texas Children’s Hospital pediatric cardiovascular anesthesiology fellowship is a 6-12 month training program, approved by the Texas Medical Board and certified through the Graduate Medical Education office of Baylor College of Medicine. Our program is one of a few structured fellowships in the country for post-graduate training in the sub-specialty of anesthesia for patients with congenital heart disease.

The division of pediatric cardiovascular anesthesiology has provided care for more than 900 operations (600 on cardiopulmonary bypass), 1,200 cardiac catheterizations (diagnostic, interventional, and electrophysiology), and 500 interventional radiology/cardiac MRI procedures. Our center is one of the busiest in the nation in cardiac and pulmonary transplantation in children as well as implantation of cardiac assist devices (Berlin Heart, Heart Mate II) for heart failure.

We have a unique academic practice that provides care for patients of different age groups (neonates to adults) and integrates transesophageal echocardiography, participation in the cardiac ICU, and active clinical and basic research. All our faculty members are certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and fellowship trained both in pediatric and cardiac anesthesia.

Application Process

To apply for the fellowship position, it is necessary to submit the following by e-mail or fax to Davelyn Smith,, by the deadline (Oct. 1 for a July 1 start, April 1 for a Jan. 1 start):

  • The Fellowship Application
  • CV
  • Personal Statement
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Medical School Transcript
  • Dean's Letter
  • All of Your ABA In-Training Exam Scores
  • USMLE scores
  • Photo

Qualifications for application include completion of basic training in anesthesiology (minimum of three years following an internship) and prior experience in pediatric anesthesiology. The recommendations for training follow the publication: “A proposal for Training in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia” (Anesthesia & Analgesia 201; 110:1121-1125) by DiNardo J, Andropoulos D, and Baum V.

Competitive candidates will be invited to Houston for a one-day interview. Expenses up to $1,000 for travel and accommodations will be covered.

Clinical Rotations (for a 12-month fellowship)

  • Cardiac Anesthesia service (9-10 months): The fellow is exposed to the pediatric cardiac operating rooms, the pediatric catheterization laboratory and the anesthesiology service in diagnostic and interventional radiology. Daily assignments allow growth in knowledge and experience for a variety of clinical procedures.
  • Cardiac Intensive Care (1 month): The fellow rotates in the cardiac ICU and gains experience in the care of medical and surgical patients with congenital heart disease. The unit is staffed by cardiologists and anesthesiologists from our group, which allows a broad exposure to our rotating fellows.
  • Elective rotation (1 month): The fellows may choose to do a month in a discipline that enhances their experience. This may include a rotation in echocardiography, perfusion services, blood banking.
  • Research (1 month elective): The fellow can choose to participate in clinical or basic research activities throughout the year. If the fellow becomes actively involved in a project, a month can be dedicated to research to complete that project.

Didactic Curriculum

  • Thursday Morning Conference: Thursdays, 0615-1700. Series of lectures, journal clubs and PBLD presented by faculty, fellows or guest lecturers. The lecture series covers various common cardiac defects and clinical practice management issues.
  • QA Conference:

    This is a combined conference with cardiac surgery on the third Thursday of each month (0615-0700). A separate monthly CV Anesthesia QA is conducted on the third Wednesday (0700-0800).

  • Cardiology Fellows' Conference (elective):

    Tuesdays 0715-0800 at the Taussig Auditorium. This is a lecture series given by cardiology/ICU faculty covering the majority of congenital heart defects.

  • Preparation for ABA Oral Exam (elective):

    Fridays, two times a month, October through March with Dr. Nancy Glass, an ABA Examiner, and other faculty.


For a 12-month Cardiovascular Anesthesia Fellow:

Salary (CA-4 level or above)
$50,250 (2009-2010)
15 working days
Health and dental benefits
As per GME office for all trainees
Personal/sick time (the ABA does not allow trainees to be away more than 20 days per year without making up that time)
5 working days
Books provided
Anesthesia for Congenital Heart Disease, 2nd edition.
Book/meeting allowance
Assigned by the GME office.
$72.50 will be deducted from paycheck monthly
Educational/Meeting time
5 days
More time can be given for participation/presentation in a national conference
Non-clinical time/Research
Determined by service and extent of involvement in a research project

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