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Pediatrics - Alumni Association

Houston, Texas

Anatomy instruction at Baylor College of Medicine
Baylor Pediatric Alumni Association
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Reba Michels Hill Scholarship Past Recipients


Andrew Landstrom, M.D.

  • A Proteomic Approach to Discovering the Etiology of Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformations

Tina Manshadi, M.D.

  • Educating Health Care Providers as to the Guide to Access to Care and Community Resources in Houston/Harris County


Joseph Spinner, M.D.

  • Relationship of Congenital Heart Disease Morbidity and future Developmental and Neurologic Outcomes

Chris Broda, M.D.

  • Biophysical Interaction of Reprogrammed Cells on various substrates with Cardiac Application

Jacquelyn Burnett, M.D.

  • Educating Health Care Professionals on warning signs of Human Trafficking


Robert Ricketts, M.D.

  • Encouraging the use of Podcasting in the culture of education at Texas Children's Hospital

Jason Goldberg, M.D.

  • Outcomes after Sirolimus use in cardiac re-transplantation patients at Texas Children's Hospital


Jill Weatherhead, M.D.

  • AEIOU Advocacy program for a Meds-Peds clinic in South Union neighborhood of Houston

Niti Chokshi, M.D.

  • Survival and outcomes after stem cell transplantation for non SCID immunodeficiency

Hari Sankaran, M.D. and Mary Catherin Brake, M.D.

  • Pilot a comprehensive health awareness program at an alternative HISD high school


Tiphanie Vogel, M.D.

  • Severity of Scleroderma related to Type-1-Interferon

Lindsey Hoffman, M.D.

  • HPV vaccination rates in pediatric cancer survivors

Kirsten Nieto, M.D.

  • Assessing obstetric and neonatal outcomes in adults with congenital heart disease

Hari Sankaran, M.D.

  • Identifying triggers that result in protocol treatment delays in children with ALL


Lauren Raimer-Goodman, M.D.

  • Human trafficking in Houston

Jai Anandam, M.D.

  • Methods in diagnosis of STD's

Elijah Bolin, M.D.

  • Predictors of poor outcome in pulmonary vein stenosis

Mitali Ruths, M.D.

  • Nerve blocks for chronic migraine

Kelly Hicks, M.D.

  • Ambiguous genitalia in the Houston Mexican-American population


Elizabeth Bosquez, M.D.

  • Relationship between ALTE and parent/child co-sleeping

Jimmy Holder, M.D.

  • Genetic component in developmental delay and infantile spasms

Rita Jermyn, M.D.

  • Cultural barriers in pediatric obesity and nutrition

Fahd Ahmad, M.D.

  • Acute chest syndrome in sickle cell patients

Thaddeus May, M.D.

  • Malaria as a risk factor in maternal to child transmission of HIV

Seema Jilani, M.D.

  • Access to healthcare in economically disadvantaged countries


Sanjiv Harpavat, M.D.

  • Work to improve childhood nutrition by preparing residents to discuss nutrition with parents and approaching fast food companies to help influence pediatric nutrition positively



Christine Hudson, M.D.

  • Finding ways to increase the number of health care workers advocating for children at Ben Taub General Hospital and Texas Children's Hospital


Sujit Iyer, M.D.

  • Investigation of the major obstacles to receiving adequate health care in the Houston area with particular focus on Hispanic American population


Chrissie Ott, M.D.

  • Study of barriers of transition of children with chronic diseases to adult care in the Harris County Hospital District



Jill Jasper, M.D.

  • Prospective evaluation of the risk of bacteremia in febrile children with incidental neutropenia


Suneil Koliwad, M.D.

  • Atherosclerosis prevention in high risk children


Todd Vedder, M.D.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics-Governmental Policy Elective, Washington, D.C.


Stephanie Kennebeck, M.D.

  • Research project entitled Utility of a program to improve understanding of discharge instructions in the emergency center: a prospective analysis


Paul Kornberg, M.D.

  • Research project entitled referral patterns for children with disabilities in Texas


Kathleen Stewart Hunt, M.D.

  • Month internship working with Dr. David Smith, Commissioner of Health for Texas at the Texas Department of Health in Austin


Geoffrey Rosenthal, M.D.

  • Research project entitled AA neonatal anthropometric study to evaluate a new index of neonatal shape.

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