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Pathology & Immunology

Houston, Texas

Pathology and Immunology
Pathology & Immunology
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Andrea Haws, M.D.

Pediatric Pathology Fellow


Medical School

UT - Health Science Center at San Antonio

Undergraduate School

University of Notre Dame

Representative Publications

Leechawengwongs E, Tison BE, Gopalakrisnha GS, Bacino CA, Haws AL, Shearer WT. "Does short bowel syndrome increase the risk of food allergy and eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease? Observations in Shah-Waardenburg SyndromeJ Allergy Clin Immunol, 2013; 131(1):251-5.

Haws AL, Younes M. "Colon, Serrated Adenomas." eMedicine from WebMD. Updated July 11, 2012. Available at

Shalin SC, Haws AL, Carter DG, Zarrin-Khameh N. "Clear cell adenocarcinoma arising from endometriosis in abdominal wall C-section scar: A case report and review of the literature." J Cutan Pathol, 2012; 30(11): 1035-41.

Haws AL, Rojano R, Tahan SR, Thuy PL. "Accuracy of Histologic Subtyping of Basal Cell Carcinoma: Correlation Between Biopsy and Excision." JAAD 2012; 66(1):106-11.

Klug SJ, Ressing M, Koenig J, Abba MC, Haws ALF, et al. "TP53 codon 72 polymorphism and cervical cancer: a pooled analysis of individual data from 49 studies." Lancet Oncology 2009;10(8):772-84.

Lema C, Fuessel-Haws AL, Lewis LR, Rady PL, Lee P, Turbat-Herrera EA, He Q, Nguyen LT, Tyring SK, Dao DD. "Association between HLA-DQB1 and Cervical Dysplasia in Vietnamese Women." International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 2006; 16(3): 1269-77.

Haws ALF, Woeber S, Gomez M, Garza N, Gomez Y, Rady P, He Q, Zhang L, Grady JJ, McCormick JB, Fisher-Hoch SP, Tyring SK. "Human Papillomavirus Infection and P53 Codon 72 Genotypes in a Hispanic Population at High-Risk for Cervical Cancer." Journal of Medical Virology 2005; 77(2):265-272.

Fuessel Haws AL, He Q, Rady PL, Zhang L, Grady J, Hughes TK, Stisser K, Konig R, Tyring SK. "Nested PCR with the PGMY09/11 and GP5+/6+ primer sets improves detection of HPV DNA in cervical samples." Journal of Virological Methods 2004; 122(1): 87-93.

Andrea Haws, M.D.

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