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Pathology and Immunology
Pathology & Immunology
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How to Apply for Travel

How to apply for Travel:

*** Be mindful of the registration deadlines. All paperwork should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline. DO NOT submit your paperwork the day before, as there is no guarantee it will be processed in time. ***

*** No trip approval process will be started without a signed “Travel Absence Form” and a “Travel Approval Form (pre-authorization form)” submitted to Yvetter Boney.***

1. START EARLY. Plan to have all paperwork completed 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline. Keep in mind it can take 1 week to get approval.

2. Fill out your “Travel Absence Form,” obtain the proper signature from your attending for the month during which the absence will occur, and turn it in to Yvetter.

3. Fill out your “Travel Approval Form (pre-authorization form),” complete with estimates of various expenditures, and turn it in to Yvetter.

4. You will receive an email once Yvetter Boney submits your travel request to the Powers-that-be, and another one once your travel has been approved.

5. Once you get approved, then you can register for your meeting. Whenever possible, print out the form and turn it in to Yvetter. For online-only registrations, you will need to coordinate with Yvetter so that you can register on a computer in the resident's room and she will come over when you are ready to enter in the Baylor credit card.

6. Make your hotel reservation. It will need to be placed on your own credit card, and you will be reimbursed at after the trip once your receipts are turned in. When traveling within the state of TEXAS you must take the “hotel state tax exempt form.” If you pay state taxes, Baylor will not reimburse you for the amount. It will be deducted from the reimbursement amount for the hotel. Additionally, if you miss the cut-off for the discounted rate, Baylor will only reimburse you for the discounted rate, and you will have to pay any extra amount.

What's reimbursed:

  • In state (3 meetings per year): 2 nights if you're presenting; 1 night if you are not presenting

  • Out of State (1 meeting per year, must be presenting): 3 nights

  • Senior trip (for seniors only!): up to 4 nights; $1800 maximum reimbursement for the total trip

What's not reimbursed:

  • Texas hotel state tax
  • Hotel extras: alcohol, movies, etc.

7. Getting there:

  • If you drive, reimbursement is calculated by mileage, not by the amount of gas you have to buy.

  • Airfare needs to be booked through the Baylor travel agency. Make sure your dates are what you need them to be when you make your reservations because the department will not cover change fees.

Carlson Wagonlit
Travel Phone: 713-407-9610

8. Sorry, rental car is not reimbursable.

9. After your trip, turn in all of your meal and hotel receipts ASAP.

· MEAL RECEIPTS: Do not pay for other people’s food. When several entrees are on a receipt, you will only be reimbursed for one, even if the amount does not exceed $55.00. Everyone should have their own meal receipts. If your family travels with you, the receipt will be split by the number of people, unless you indicated which plate is yours.

10. You will get an email from Yvetter Boney when your reimbursement has been drawn up, and it is ready for you to sign. Reimbursement will be in the form of direct deposit.

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