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Pathology & Immunology

Houston, Texas

Pathology and Immunology
Pathology & Immunology
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Edwina J. Popek, D.O.Professor


  • D.O.


  • Pathology, William Beaumont Army Medical Center, El Paso, TX 1981-1982


  • Pathology AP/CP, Letterman Army Medical Center, San Francisco, CA 1982-1985


  • Pediatric Pathology, The Children's Hospital, Denver, CO 1987-1989


  • Pediatric Pathology

Board Certification

  • AP/CP 1986
  • Pedi Path 1990

Area of Interest

  • Perinatal
  • Placental
  • Congenital infection
  • Molar gestation

Current Position

  • Pathologist, Texas Children's Hospital

Professional Positions Held

  • Chair, Department of Pediatric Pathology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, DC 1989-1993
  • Chief Clinical Pathology, Blanchford Army Community Hospital Fort Campbell, KY 1985-1987

Professional Organization Memberships

  • Society for Pediatric Pathology
  • United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology
  • American Society for Clinical PAthology
  • American Medical Association

Representative Publications

  • Rousseau RF, Biagi E, Dutour A, Yvon ES, Brown MP, Lin T, Mei Z, Grilley B, Popek E, Heslop HE, Gee AP, Krance RA, Popat U, Carrum G, Margolin JF, Brenner MK. Immunotherapy of high-risk acute leukemia with a recipient (autologous) vaccine expressing transgenic human CD40L and IL-2 after chemotherapy and allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Blood 2006; 107:1332-41
  • Shinawi M, Szabo S, Popek E. Wassif C, Porter F, Potocki L. Recognition of Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome in the fetus - utility of ultrasonography and biochemical analysis in pregnancies with low maternal serum estriol. Am J Med Genet A. 2005;138:56-60
  • Panichkul PC, AL-Hussaini TK, Kashork CD, Santini M, Popek EJ, Stockton SW, Van den Veyver IB. Recurrent biparental hydatidiform mole: further mapping of the candidate region in 19q13.4. J Soc Gynecol Investig 2005;12:376-83
  • Rousseau RE, Haight AE, Hirschmann-Jax C, Yvon RS, Rill DR, Mei Z, Smith SC, Inman S, Cooper K, Alcoser P, Grilley B, Gee A, Popek E, Davidoff A, Bowman LC, Brenner MK, Strother D. Local and systemic effects of an allogeneic tumor cell vaccine combining transgenic human lymphotactin and interleukin-2 in patients with advanced or refractory neuroblastoma. Blood 2003;101:1718-26

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