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Pathology & Immunology

Houston, Texas

Pathology and Immunology
Pathology & Immunology
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Gregory J. Buffone, Ph. D.Professor of Pathology


  • Ph. D.

Area of Interest

    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Molecular Pathology
    • Clinical Informatics
    • American Board of Clinical Chemistry

Current Position

    • Professor, Department of Pathology

Professional Positions Held

    • Director of Pathology, Texas Children's Hospital

Professional Organizations Memberships

  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry


  • Mhuawech, P, Buffone, GJ, Khan, SP, Gresik, MV. Cytochemical staining and flow cytometry methods applied to the diagnosis of acute leukemia in the pediatric population: An assessment of relative usefulness. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, 23(2):89-92, February 2001
  • Garson, A, Strifert, K, Beck, JR, Schulmeier, GA, Patrick, JW, Buffone, GJ, Feigin RD. Metrics for medical schools: a report card for faculty and departments on missions and financing. Academic Medicine 5(8);861-70, August 1999
  • Buffone, GJ and Moreau, D. A conceptual framework for managing clinical processes. Computers in Nursing 15(2):S53-60, 1997
  • Holmes, SE, Drutz, JE, Buffone, GJ, Rice, TD. Blood Lead Levels in a Continuity Clinic Population. Clinical Toxicology 35(2):181-186, 1997
  • Buffone, GJ, Moreau, DM and Beck, JR., Workflow computing. Improving management and efficiency of diagnostic services. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 105: s17-s24, 1996
  • Buffone, GJ, and Moreau, DM., Process and information management supporting high quality, cost-effective health care. Clinical Chemistry 41:1338-44, 1995
  • Dargahi, R, Moreau, DM and Buffone, GJ. A server architecture for ambulatory patient record systems. In, Proceedings of the Eight World Congress on Medical Informatics. eds. R.A. Greenes, H.E. Peterson and D.J. Protti, pp 219-222, 1995

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