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Pathology & Immunology

Houston, Texas

Pathology and Immunology
Pathology & Immunology
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Resident Conferences

Residents in our department consider the lecture and conference schedule to be one of the strengths of the program. Lunch is provided at all noon conferences.

Below is a table of the general schedule of conferences:

Weekly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

VA Cytology(1st)
8 a.m., VAMC
Glass slide or

Virtual Microscopy
Unknowns (2nd-3rd)
7:30 a.m., BCM
CP Unknowns (4th)
8 a.m., BCM

Anatomic Pathology Didactic
8 a.m., BCM 301A

Surgical Pathology

8 a.m., BCM (Rosen),

Clinical Pathology

8 a.m., BCM 301A

TMH AP Didactic Series
8:15 a.m., TMH
Medical Examiner's
Conference (as
8 a.m., Mary Gibbs
Jones Building


Neuropathology (1st)
Noon, BCM
Special Topics (2nd)
Noon, BCM
Slide Club (3rd)
Noon, BCM
Gross/Autopsy (4th)
Noon, BCM

AP & CP Pathology
Grand Rounds

Noon, BCM 201A

Citywide Hematology Conference
Noon, TMH Bluebird
auditorium or Tumor Board
@ VAMC (noon) or @BTGH (11:30 a.m.)

BTGH Interesting Case
Conference (every
other week)
Noon, BTGH
TCH Anatomic
Noon, TCH

Pathology Research
Conference (1st)
1 p.m., BCM
BTGH Cytology
Conference (2nd, 4th)
Noon, BTGH
Journal Club (3rd)
Noon, BCM
- -

Clinical Pathology
Call Conference

1 p.m., TMH
Brown/ Fondren 462

- -
- -

Citywide Transfusion
Medicine Conference

1:15 p.m., TMH
Fondren/Brown 462

- -

*Surgical pathology conference alternating between BCM, TCH, BTGH and VAMC

BCM with Rosen, M.D.: 1st Wednesday
TCH: 2nd and 5th Wednesday
BTGH: 3rd Wednesday
VAMC: 4th Wednesday

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