Department of Pathology & Immunology

Resident Spotlight: Eduardo Benzi, M.D.

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Eduardo Benzi

What is your favorite memory from residency? 
There are too many good ones. It would be like picking a favorite child.

Why did you choose pathology?
I've always been fascinated by the epistemology of medicine. In other words, "how do you know what you know?" Pathology was the subspecialty which best answered that question for me. It is a specialty fundamentally predicated on answering the question of what the disease is, which underpins management and treatment. In other words, it's about finding the truth and conveying that truth in a way that serves both the patient and the clinician. I can think of no greater purpose than that.

What drew you to the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Pathology & Immunology?
Baylor has excellent and supportive faculty. The residents here are happy with the program and know that the faculty have their backs and are working in their best interest. The educational opportunities are nigh on incomparable since we get default exposure to four of the largest hospital systems in Houston (VA, St. Luke's, Texas Children's, Ben Taub) and can take electives literally across the street at Houston Methodist and MD Anderson. There is just a lot to love here.

What’s your favorite thing and/or spot in Houston?
Favorite place is the East Glade at Memorial Park. I'm a huge sucker for a water feature and the lake there is spectacular. Favorite thing? Turkey Leg Hut. Those turkey legs are out of this world. Seriously, you have to try one.

What is one new thing you started in residency that you hadn’t done before? 
I tried bouldering for the first time. Highly recommend!