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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab

Houston, Texas

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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab
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Jimena Giudice, Ph.D.

Jimena Giudice PhotoPostdoctoral Fellow
Started in the lab: August 2011
Funding: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Pew Latin American Fellows Program

Research Interests

Alternative splicing (AS) explains how a relatively limited number of genes gives raise a vast proteomic complexity in higher eukaryotes. AS plays a key role during differentiation and development. During postnatal heart development many physiological changes are associated with dynamic regulation of gene expression. The fetal heart adapts to birth and converts to adult function through transcriptional and posttranscriptional mechanisms, including coordinated AS regulatory networks. The human heart is composed of cardiomyocytes (CM) (<20%), cardiac fibroblasts (CF) (~66%) and surface epithelium and vascular cells. Communication between CF and CM is important early in heart development, but only few investigations have addressed this issue in vivo. My project is focused in the study of splicing and gene expression regulation during heart development specifically in CM and CF. I am interested on events directly regulated by the RNA binding proteins, CELF1 and CELF2, which coordinate a splicing networks through 10-fold down regulation within the first two weeks after birth. I am also interested in the functional consequences of the most important isoform transitions as well as the effect of these transitions and gene expression in the communication between CF and CM.


Research in Life Sciences

Gueron, G.*,Giudice, J., Valacco, P., Elguero, B., Paez, A., Toscani, A.M., Jaworski, F., Leskow, F.C., Cotignola, J., Marti, M., Binaghi, M., Navone, N. Vazquez, E.* (2014). Heme-oxygenase-1 implications in cell morphology and the adhesive behavior of prostate cancer cells. Oncotarget. (In Press). *co-corresponding authors.

Giudice, J. and Cooper, T.A. (2014). RNA binding proteins in heart development. In "Systems and molecular perspectives to RNA binding protein biology. Advances in experimental medicine and biology series". Springer. (In Press)

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Giudice, J., Jares-Erijman, E.A., Leskow, F.C.(2013). Insulin receptor membrane retention by a traceable chimeric mutant. Cell Communication and Signaling. 11(1):45. doi:10.1186/1478-81X-11-45.

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Publications in Science Education:

Galagovsky, L. and Giudice, J. (2014). Stoiochimetry and Law of Mass Conservation: a relationship to analyze. Part I. How do we evaluate and which are the conclusions? Ciencia & Educacao (Bauru). Accepted. (Spanish)

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Giudice, J. and Galagovsky, L. (2008). Teaching the students to model the particulate nature of matter: an approach. REEC, 7:629-658. (Spanish)

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