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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab

Houston, Texas

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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab
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Gopal Singh, Ph.D.

Gopal Singh PhotoResearch Associate
In the lab: July 1999 - May 2006


Singh, G, N. and Cooper, T.A. A minigene reporter for identification and analysis of cis elements and trans factors affecting pre-mRNA splicing. (2006) BioTechniques (In Press).

Charlet-B., Singh, G, N., Philips, A.V., Grice, E.A., and Cooper, T.A (2002). Loss of the muscle-specific chloride channel in type 1 myotonic dystrophy due to misregulated alternative splicing. Mol. Cell 10, 45-53.

Charlet-B., Singh, G, N., Logan, P.E., and Cooper, T.A. (2002) Dynamic antagonism between CELF proteins and PTB regulate splicing of a muscle-specific exon in both muscle and nonmuscle cells. Mol. Cell 9, 649-658.

Singh, G., Charlet-B., N., Han, J., and Cooper, T.A. (2004) ETR-3 and CELF4 protein domains required for RNA binding and splicing activity in vivo. Nucl. Acids Res. 32, 1232-1241.

Ho, T., Charlet-B., N., Poulos, M., Singh, G., Swanson, M.S., and Cooper, T.A. (2004) Muscleblind proteins regulate alternative splicing. EMBO J. 23, 3103-3112.

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