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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab

Houston, Texas

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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab
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Rajesh S. Savkur, Ph.D.

Rajesh Savkur Photo

Postdoctoral Fellow
In the lab: March 1999 - March 2003
Current position: Eli Lilly and Co.


Savkur, R., Philips, A.V., and Cooper, T.A. (2001) Aberrant regulation of insulin receptor alternative splicing is associated with insulin resistance in myotonic dystrophy. Nat Gen. 29, 40-47.

Savkur, R.S., Philips, A.V., Cooper, T.A., Dalton, J.C., Moseley, M.L., Ranum, L.P.W., Day, J.W. (2004) Insulin receptor splicing alteration in myotonic dystrophy type 2. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 74:1309-1313.

Ho, T., Savkur, R.S., Poulos, M., Mancini., M.M., Swanson, M.S., and Cooper, T.A. (2005) Co-localization of muscleblind with RNA foci is separable from mis-regulation of alternative splicing in myotonic dystrophy J. Cell Science 118, 2923-2933.

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