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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab
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Sherri D. Fraser, Ph.D.

Sherri Fraser Photo

Postdoctoral Fellow
In the lab: February 1997 - January 1999
Current position: Postdoctoral Program Coordinator, University of Calgary
Funding: Muscular Dystrophy Association (Canada)


Stickeler, E., Fraser, S.D., Honig, A., Chen, A.L., Berget, S.M. and Cooper, T.A. (2001) The RNA binding protein YB-1 recognizes A/C-rich exon enhancers and stimulates splicing of the CD44 alternative exon v4. EMBO J. 20, 3821-3830

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