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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab

Houston, Texas

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Path-Immuno - Tom Cooper Lab
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Guey-Shin Wang, Ph.D.

Guey-Shin Wang Photo

Postdoctoral fellow
In the lab: April 2005 - July 2009
Current position: Faculty position, Cardiovascular Research Division of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan
Funding: American Heart Association, Texas Affiliate


Wang, G.S., Kuyumcu-Martinez, N.M., Mathur, N., Wehrens, X.H., and Cooper, T.A. (2009) Protein kinase C inhibition ameliorates the cardiac phenotype of a mouse model for myotonic dystrophy, type 1. J.Clin. Invest. (In Press)

Wang, G.S. and Cooper T.A. (2007) Splicing in disease: disruption of the splicing code and the decoding machinery. Nature Rev. Genet. 8, 749-761.

Wang, G.S., Kearney, D.L., De Biasi, M., Taffet, G.E., and Cooper, T.A. (2007) Elevated CUGBP1 is an early event in an inducible heart-specific mouse model of myotonic dystrophy. J. Clin. Invest. 117, 2802-2811.

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Wang GS, Chang NC, Wu SC, Chang AC. Regulated expression of alpha2B adrenoceptor during development. Dev Dyn. 2002 Oct 225(2):142-52.

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