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MERAD-Radiology (includes Radiation Oncology)

Department Coordinator: Dr. Arun Nachiappan
Department Coordinator phone: 713-798-6362
Department Contact: Becky Baxter
Department Contact Phone: 713-798-6362
Department Class Intro:
Department Intro: Elective Fax #: 713-798-8359

Courses in Radiology (includes Radiation Oncology)

• MERAD-501A Radiation Oncology
• MERAD-506 Diagnostic Radiology
• MERAD-509 Pediatric Radiology
• MERAD-514 Radiographic Anatomy
• MERAD-520 Neuroradiology
• MERAD-522 Interventional Radiology
• MERAD-524 Chest Radiology
• MERAD-526 Abdominal Imaging
• MERAD-528 MSK (Musculoskeletal Radiology)
• MERAD-SPEC Radiology Clinical Special
• MERAD-SPNC Special Non-Clinical
• MERAD-515 Radiology: Clinical Correlation

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