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Department: MEPED-Pediatrics
Course: 516E-Patient Advocacy Clinical Rotation

Course Director: Charleta Guillory, M.D.
Course Faculty: Charleta Guillory, M.D.
Elective Location: TCH
Elective Offered Terms:
Months: 1A,1B,1C,2A,3B,3C,4A,4B
Min. Number of Students:Max: 1
Elective Type: Clinical
Credit: 8
Pre-requisites: MS3 or MS4
Visiting Student Elective: No
Open to International Students: No
Grading: H,HP, P, MP, F Narrative Evaluation
Faculty Approval: Yes

Time Commitment Percentage of time expected
Regular Hours (Mon-Fri): 5 days/wk; 6-8 hrs/day Inpatient Ward:
Night Call: No Inpatient consultations:
Number on-call nights: Outpatient clinics:
Weekends: No Surgery:
Statement of Goals:
This elective is designed to allow the student to participate in a clinical rotation at TCH's level II nursery with an emphasis on patient advocacy. The student must attend morning rounds with the nursery's physicians and will then follow a patient through ECI, WIC, and other such services. The purpose of this elective is to educate students on some of the issues encountered by patients trying to navigate the healthcare system in order to obtain needed services and information, as well as train the student on how to advocate on behalf of these patients. This one month clinical rotation requires the student to join a patient advocacy organization of their choice (i.e., Texas Pediatric Society, The march of Dimes, international programs, erc.) and work through the organization on a local community project or legislative issue. The student will also choose a topic related to patient advocacy they have encountered through the course of the elective (i.e., child immunizations, care seats, hearing screening, newborn screening, erc.) to be presented as a poster project at a local meeting of the student's advocacy organization. Membership fees depending on which organization is chosen.
Learning Activities
1) Educate the student on certain barriers and challenges faced by patients to receiving healthcare services, 2) Train student to become a patient advocate who assists patients in obtaining needed information and services, 3) Become part of a patient advocay organization and engage in a local community or legislative project, and 4) Prepare and present a poster on a patient advocacy issue of the student's choosing.
Evaluation Methods
The student will be evaluated on their participation as a member of an advocacy organization of their choice, on the information provided in their poster presentation, and on their overall performance in the course.
When and Where to report on first day of service:
8:00 am, Neonatology Office, 6th Floor West Tower, Priscilla Powel
For additional information regarding this elective contact:
Contact Name: Myrthala Miranda-Guzman
Contact Phone: 832-826-1360
Contact Fax: 832-825-2799
Contact Location: Texas Children's - West Tower; 6621 Fannin, Ste. W6104; Houston, TX 77030

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