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Department: MEOTO-Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Course: 510-Otolaryngology Research

Course Coordinator: Dr. Julina Ongkasuwan,Dr. Deidre Larrier
Course Faculty: Dr. John K. Jones,Dr. Carla M. Giannoni,Dr. Susan A. Eicher,Dr. Ellen M. Friedman,Dr. Robert A. Williamson, Jr.,Dr. Jeffrey Vrabec,Dr. Anthony Brissett,Dr. Julina Ongkasuwan,Dr. Masayoshi Takashima,Dr. Binoy M. Chandy,Dr. Deidre Larrier,Dr. N. Eddie Liou,Dr. Nadia G. Mohyuddin,Dr. Kenneth Altman,Dr. Krista L. Olson,Dr. Bobby R. Alford,Dr. Donald T. Donovan,Dr. Robert B. Parke,Dr. Marcelle Sulek
Elective Location:
Periods Elective offered:
Min. Number of Students:Max: 6
Course Level: Non-Clinical Elective-Research Only, does not count toward graduation requirement.
Credit: 1
Visiting Student Elective: No
Open to International Students: No
Grading: H,HP, P, MP, F Narrative Evaluation
Faculty Approval: Yes

Time Commitment Percentage of time expected
Regular Hours (Mon-Fri): Inpatient Ward:
Night Call: Inpatient consultations:
Number on-call nights: Outpatient clinics:
Weekends: Surgery:
Statement of Goals:
Students will gain familiarity with laboratory research techniques as they relate to otolaryngology.
Learning Activities
Upon completing this rotation, students should be able to discuss the techniques, results, and long term implications of the project that they work on. Many stiudents will have an opportunity to participate in writing an abstract to be presented at a research meeting or in writing and manuscript.
Evaluation Methods
An evaluation will be completed by the Principle Investigator of the lab chosen. This will be returned to the Registrar's Office.
When and Where to report on first day of service:
For additional information regarding this elective contact:
Contact Name: Ayde Trejo
Contact Phone: 713-798-7217
Contact Fax: 713-798-5078
Contact Location:
Email: ayde.trejo@bcm.edu
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