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Department: MEGNT-Molecular and Human Genetics
Course: 500-Clinical Genetics for MD/PhD Students

Course Director: Dr. Daryl Scott, MD/PhD
Course Faculty: Dr. Daryl Scott, MD/PhD
Elective Location:
Elective Offered Terms:
Min. Number of Students:Max: 4
Elective Type: Non-Clinical - Foundations
Credit: 1
Pre-requisites: Must be an MD/PhD students
Visiting Student Elective: No
Open to International Students:
Faculty Approval: Yes

Time Commitment Percentage of time expected
Regular Hours (Mon-Fri): Inpatient Ward:
Night Call: Inpatient consultations:
Number on-call nights: Outpatient clinics:
Weekends: Surgery:
Statement of Goals:
The course is aimed at training graduate students in the applied aspects of clinical genetics. Students will learn how Human Geneticists address medical genetics problems in the clinic, interact with genetics fellows and learn how to design tests and experiments to address clinical problems. The course will provide opportunities for students to gain training in translational biology with a specific emphasis on clinical genetics. It would also partly satisfy a requirement made by the NIH study section that reviewed our MD/PhD program training grant to integrate and involve MD/PhD students in the graduate school curriculum during years 1-2 of their medical education.
Learning Activities
Evaluation Methods
The course will be Pass/Fail, but we are requesting that it would be recognized as a 1-hour course towards the 30 didactic hours. The Pass/Fail outcome will be determined as follows: at the end of the course we would ask students to turn in a two page research abstract based on one of the topics discussed or a pre-approved topic of their choosing. It would have a short background/significance section followed by 2 to 3 specific aims with a brief plan for addressing them. Participation in at least 7 of the 8 classes would be mandatory. The Pass/Fail determination would be based on the research abstract (80%) and on class participation (20%). We will focus on whether the research abstract contains all of the needed componentssuch as title, background, significance, aims, materials and methodsand is well written, with less emphasis on whether the proposed project represents a viable research plan that could be accomplished/funded.
When and Where to report on first day of service:
Fridays, 12:00-2:00 p.m., Room 301A (Cullen Bldg)
For additional information regarding this elective contact:
Contact Name: Dr. Daryl Scott, MD/PhD
Contact Phone:
Contact Fax:
Contact Location:

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