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Department: MEFAM-Family and Community Medicine
Course: 530-Underserved Care Clinics

Course Director: William Y. Huang, M.D.
Course Faculty: B. Joy Blumenreich, M.D.,Dana Lynn Clark, M.D.,Malford Tyson Pillow, M.D.,Meena Eswaran,Kelvin Dwayne Shepherd, D.O.,Anjali Aggarwal, M.D.,Sherri Danyelle Onyiego, M.D.
Elective Location: OTHR
Elective Offered Terms:
Min. Number of Students:Max: 10
Elective Type: Non-Clinical - Advanced
Credit: 1
Visiting Student Elective: No
Open to International Students: No
Grading: Pass/Fail Only
Faculty Approval: Yes

Time Commitment Percentage of time expected
Regular Hours (Mon-Fri): M-F Inpatient Ward:
Night Call: Inpatient consultations:
Number on-call nights: Outpatient clinics:
Weekends: Surgery:
Statement of Goals:
This elective will give interested students the opportunity to volunteer at one or more clinics in the Houston area devoted to underserved care. Students will have the opportunity to learn fundamentals of caring for the underserved including the importance of addressing psychosocial, family, cultural and financial issues in caring for patients in underserved settings. Students will also have the opportunity to practice clinical skills learned to this point. Students are expected to give a periodic report of their activities to the Course Director. This elective will be useful preparation for students pursuing more advanced Care of the Underserved Track activities.
Learning Activities
At the conclusion of this elective, students will be able to: 1) Describe and discuss unique issues in caring for the underserved: a) The advanced severity of illness at the time of presentation b) The importance of addressing pyschosocial issues in the evaluation of the patient's condition c) the role of environmental stress on the patient's health and course of illness d) Comfort and skill in seeing patients of various backgrounds, culture, ethnicities and languages e) An appreciation of special problems the underserved face in accessing health care(transportation, etc.) f) Knowledge of social services available to the underserved g) Perform previous learned history and physical exam skills with greater proficiency and confidence 2) Describe and discuss issues in organizing and maintaining a volunteer operated clinic.
Evaluation Methods
When and Where to report on first day of service:
For additional information regarding this elective contact:
Contact Name: Carolyn Olson
Contact Phone: 713-798-6590
Contact Fax: 713-798-5795
Contact Location:

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