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Department: MEDER-Dermatology
Course: 506-Dermatological Surgery

Course Director: Ikue Shimizu
Course Faculty: Ramsey F. Markus, M.D.,Jodi Stengem Markus, M.D.
Elective Location: JSCC,VAMC
Elective Offered Terms:
Months: 1C,2A,2B,3A,3B,3C,4A,4B,4C
Min. Number of Students:Max: 1
Elective Type: Clinical
Credit: 8
Pre-requisites: Medicine or Pediatrics
Visiting Student Elective: Yes
Open to International Students: Yes
Grading: H,HP, P, MP, F Narrative Evaluation
Faculty Approval: Yes

Time Commitment Percentage of time expected
Regular Hours (Mon-Fri): Inpatient Ward:
Night Call: No Inpatient consultations:
Number on-call nights: Outpatient clinics:
Weekends: No Surgery:
Statement of Goals:
The object of the course is to expose the student to a variety of dermatologic surgery procedures, and the diagnosis of skin tumors -- benign and malignant. The student witnesses and assists with surgical procudres such as simple excision and multilayered closure, flaps and skin graft, electodesiccation and curettage, and cryosurgery. In addition, the student assists with the excision with microscopic control (Mohs Surgery) of difficult-to-remove skin cancers. Additional exposure to the following procedures is arranged by request: dermabrasion, collagen injections, scar revision, laser surgery, hair transplants, and chemical peeling and excision surgery. This takes place at The Methodist Hospital, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Baylor Clinic, and the office practices of selected dermatologists in Houston.
Learning Activities
Evaluation Methods
When and Where to report on first day of service:
For additional information regarding this elective contact:
Contact Name: Fran Guest
Contact Phone: 713-798-7620
Contact Fax: 713-798-6923
Contact Location: Jamail Specialty Care Clinic, 1977 Butler Blvd., Suite E6.200, Houston, TX; 77030

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