Elective Program

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Department: MEPAT-Pathology
Course: 566-Transfusion Medicine

Course Director: Jun Teruya, M.D., D.Sc.
Course Faculty: Jun Teruya, M.D., D.Sc.
Elective Location: TCH
Elective Offered Terms:
Months: 4A,4C
Two Week Periods:
Min. Number of Students: Max:  0
Elective Type: Clinical
Matriculating prior to fall 20158
Matriculating fall 2015 and beyond4
Pre-requisites: None
Open to US Visiting Students: Yes
Open to International Visiting Students: No
Grading: H,HP, P, MP, F Narrative Evaluation
Faculty Approval: Yes

Time Commitment Percentage of time expected
Regular Hours (Mon-Fri): 5 days/wk; 9 hrs/day Inpatient Ward: 60
Night Call: No Inpatient consultations: 20
Number on-call nights: 0 Outpatient clinics: 0
Weekends: No Surgery: 0
    Laboratory 15
  Didactic: 0
  Other: 0
Course Description & Learning Objectives:

This course is closed for Fall 2022.

Laboratory tests can be used for multiple clinical purposes: screening, risk assessment, establishment of a diagnosis, support of a diagnosis, exclusion of a diagnosis, prognosis, determination of individualized therapy, and assessment of disease progression or response to therapy. The primary objective of the transfusion medicine (TM) elective is to teach the future clinician the optimal way of using the transfusion service, including related laboratory testing, in patient management.

Learning Objectives

Describe the role of the clinical pathologist in patient care

Describe procedures and clinical consults including preoperative coagulation management, intraoperative/bedside coagulapathy/bleeding management, ECMO management.

Interpret several common blood bank and coagulation laboratory tests, and describe factors which may impact laboratory test results

Learning Activities
Rotate on TCH transfusion medicine service
Evaluation Methods
Clinical Performance 100%

When and Where to report on first day of service:
Blood Bank Residents' Room, TCH, Abercrombie BLDG, 3rd floor by orange elevators at 7 am.
For additional information regarding this elective contact:
Contact Name: Rosario Guzman
Contact Phone: 832-824-1864
Contact Fax: 832-825-0164
Contact Location: Pathology, Texas Children's Hospital
Email: rsguzman@texaschildrens.org; rosariog@bcm.edu
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