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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Houston, Texas

The Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology focuses on patient care, education and research in the area of women's reproductive health.
Obstetrics & Gynecology
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R. Todd Ivey, M.D.

Dr. R. Todd IveyAssistant Professor

Medical Director

Baylor College of Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
One Baylor Plaza
MS: BCM 610
Houston, Texas 77030

Clinical Appointments:

Dr. R.Todd Ivey graduated from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in 1993 and completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1997 at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Dr. Ivey has been serving patients at Baylor College of Medicine since 2004.

Since 2004, Dr. Ivey has been consistently ranked as one of “Houston’s Top Docs” and as a “Texas Super Doctor”. He has received awards from the John P. McGovern Outstanding Teacher Award for Clinical Sciences, APGO (American Professor’s of Gynecology and Obstetrics)/Solvay Scholar’s Program Award, APGO Excellence in Teaching Award and the Horace E. Thompson Award for Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology just to mention a few.

His professional society membership include: The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Association of Professors in Gynecology and Obstetrics, and is secretary for The Houston Gynecological and Obstetrical Society. Dr. Ivey participates in teaching the medical students of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He presents lectures to the medical students and also participates in PBL (Problem-Based Learning Module facilitator). Dr. Ivey’s Professional and Committee Appointments include Maternity Center Planning Committee, Texas Children’s Hospital, The Fetal Center Committee, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Committee for Student Promotions and Academic Achievement. Dr Ivey is board certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is accepting new patients.

Professional Publications

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