Unique strengths of our MFM Fellowship include programs in fetal imaging, fetal surgery, placenta percreta, Maternal Critical Care and the Texas Children’s Maternal and Fetal Center. 

A dedicated critical care unit for adult women is located in the TCH Pavilion for Women and is co-directed by on-site MFM faculty and Pulmonary/Critical Care faculty. Dedicated Antepartum/Critical Care Unit (ACCU) months in our curriculum allow each fellow the opportunity to manage these patients and train under the direct supervision of experts in this field. 

Our TCH Pavilion for Women Maternal and Fetal Center is nationally renowned and received referrals from across the country. During the five months of Ultrasound, fellows will gain experience in developing care plans for pregnant women with fetal abnormalities in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Other education opportunities include participation in the Baylor College of Medicine National School of Tropical Medicine courses, and the opportunity to obtain either a Master of Clinical Investigation (MCI) or a Master of Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology.


Through the course of the clinical fellowship, as experience is gained in the management of high-risk pregnancies, the fellow will assume a progressive supervisory role in the management of patients. On the Ben Taub service, this will include the supervision of residents and medical students in the development of management plans for the patients on labor and delivery and on MFM Antepartum/High-Risk Clinic rotations. The fellows will have a weekly half-day continuity clinic at the TCH Pavilion for Women throughout their training. On the PFW inpatient (ACCU) and outpatient (Ultrasound/Clinic) services, the fellows will be given increasing responsibility to develop a plan of care and generate consultation reports for the referring physicians.