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Houston, Texas

A full range of modern neurosurgical specialties and techniques are provided by top BCM neurosurgery specialists.
Department of Neurosurgery
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Claudio E. Tatsui, M.D.


Claudio E. Tatsui, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Medical School

  • Federal University of Parana, Curitiba-PR, Brazil


  • Hospital Nossa Senhora das Gracas, Curitiba-PR, Brazil


  • Neurosurgery Spine: University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL
  • Neurosurgical Oncology: University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Primary Neurosurgical Interests

  • Spinal neurosurgery (trauma/degenerative/tumor), cell directed therapy, brain tumor surgery, spinal cord injury, spinal oncology

Professional Associations

  • Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery
  • Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery

Contact Information

  • Clinic and Mail: Michael E. Debakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Department of Neurosurgery
  • 2002 Holcombe Boulevard
  • Houston, TX 77030
  • Phone: 713-791-1414

Selected Publications

  • Smitherman SM, Tatsui CE, Rao G, Walsh G, Rhines LD. Image-guided multilevel vertebral osteotomies for en bloc resection of giant cell tumor of the thoracic spine: case report and description of operative technique. Eur spine J, 2009 (Epub ahead of print).

    Tatsui CE, Lang FF, Gumin J, Suki D, Shinojima N, Rhines LD. An orthotopic murine model of human spinal metastasis: histological and functional correlations. J Neurosurg Spine 2009; 10(6):501-512.

    Tatsui CE, Rao G, Rhines LD. Radiotherapy for a destructive cervicothoracic lesion from multiple myeloma. Case illustration. J Neurosurg Spine, 2007; 6(5):493.

    Jea A, Tatsui C, Farhat H, Vanni S, Levi AD. Vertically unstable type III odontoid fractures: case report. Neurosurgery, 2006; 58(4):E797.

    Prevedello DM, Tatsui CE, Koerbel A, Grande CV, Cordeiro JG, Araujo JC. Ventral extradural spinal meningeal cyst causing cord compression: neurosurgical treatment. Arg Neuropsiquiatr, 2005; 63(3A):676-680.

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