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Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Department of Neurology
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Book Chapters and Other Publications by Neurology Residents

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  • Dalaker TO, Beyer MK, Stosic M, Zivadinov R. Role of imaging techniques in discerning neurobehavioral changes in ischemic, neurodegenerative and demyelinating disorders. In: Ritsner MS, editor. The handbook of neuropsychiatric biomarkers, endophenotypes and genes: Neuroanatomical and neuroimaging endophenotypes and biomarkers. Vol. II. New York: Springer Science; 2009. p. 17-54.
  • Carraher Jr CE, Stewart H, Carraher SM, Chamely DM, Learned WW, Helmy J, et al. Condensation polymers as controlled release materials for enhanced plant and food production: Influence of gibberellic acid and gibberellic acid-containing polymers on food crop seed. In: Carraher Jr CE, Swift GG, editors. Functional condensation polymers. Springer US; 2002. p. 223-234. Available from: [view publication]

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