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Neurology - Multiple Sclerosis

Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Department of Neurology
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Documentary Video of the MS Clinic

As a nationally recognized Houston Chronicle columnist, Maxine Mesinger shared her struggle with multiple sclerosis with her readers. She donated her name to the National MS Society and for years the "Maxine Mesinger Dinner of Champions" was held to raise funds for research and promote awareness on the disease. After her death in 2001 from unrelated causes to MS, Baylor College of Medicine honored Mrs. Mesinger legacy by naming its MS clinic after her. The clinic focuses on care, research and outreach for multiple sclerosis. The clinic opened its doors in September 2003.

When the clinic was planned experts were consulted, including patients with MS and advisors from the NMSS, to ensure the facilities were both functional and comfortable for patients with unique needs. It was denominated "MS Comprehensive Care Center" by the NMSS in July 2009, one of the few in the country reaching this level of recognition.

The MS Center occupies 5,500 square feet at the Neurosensory Center of the Methodist Hospital including infusion and research units. The Maxine Mesinger MS Comprehensive Care Center is the busiest in the southwest, treating over 10,000 patients since its inauguration, a large percentage being international and from surrounding states.

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