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Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Department of Neurology
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Neurology Lecture Series

The lecture series at the noon conferences for the BCM Neurology residents is now available online by secure login only.

We will have different topics and emphasize different areas of Neurology. We will be uploading pre-recorded lectures on this page at regular intervals. You will be informed via email once a new talk is uploaded and available for viewing. You can view each talk several times on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and iPad/tablet.

A log of who has viewed the talk will be kept. To receive credit for the lecture, you must complete the Post Lecture Quiz and Sign-In.

Please email Kevin Dat Vuong at for any technical issues.

Clinic Lectures

Posted Presenter Title
2013-10-02 Corey Goldsmith, M.D. Headache 101
2013-10-16 Corey Goldsmith, M.D. Diagnosis of Dementia/Neurocognitive Disorder


Posted Presenter Title
2014-08-16 Joseph S. Kass, M.D., J.D. HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorders in the cART Era
2014-11-12 Adriana M. Strutt, Ph.D., ABPP-CN The Clinical Utility of Neuropsychological Screening Tools
2014-11-18 Adriana M. Strutt, Ph.D., ABPP-CN Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology for the Neurology Resident


Posted Presenter Title
2013-10-23 David K. Chen, M.D. Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures: A Synopsis
2013-10-23 Atul Maheshwari, M.D. Medical Treatment of Epilepsy
2013-10-30 Atul Maheshwari, M.D. Status Epilepticus
2013-11-07 Ian L. Goldsmith, M.D. The Medically Refractory Patient: Identification and Appropriate Treatment

Movement Disorders

Posted Presenter Title
2013-09-06 Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, M.D. PD Pharmacology
2013-10-08 Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, M.D. Introduction to Movement Disorders


Posted Presenter Title
2014-05-04 Karin Hoang Woodman, M.D. Neurologic Complications of Cancer Therapy
2014-09-07 Jacob Mandel, M.D. Leptomeningeal Disease
2014-09-11 Jacob Mandel, M.D. Primary Brain Tumors
2014-11-12 Jacob Mandel, M.D. Neurologic Complications of Cancer Therapies
2014-11-12 Jacob Mandel, M.D. Paraneoplastic Syndromes


Posted Presenter Title
2013-10-02 Richard A. Hrachovy, M.D. Normal Development of the EEG from Infancy through Adolescence
2013-10-08 Richard A. Hrachovy, M.D. The EEG in Encephalopathy and Coma
2013-10-11 David K. Chen, M.D. Indications for Ordering of EEGs and Periodic Epileptiform Discharges
2013-10-14 Eli M. Mizrahi, M.D. Introduction to Electroencephalography and Features of the Normal Adult EEG
2013-11-07 Zulfi Haneef, M.D. Benign EEG Variants (EEG Patterns of Unclear Significance)
2013-12-03 Vitor Pacheco, M.D. Evoked Potentials


Posted Presenter Title
2013-12-13 Benjamin Li, M.D. Addiction Psychiatry for Neurologists
2014-01-03 Aya Aoshima-Kilroy, M.D. Antipsychotics
2014-01-07 Jin Y. Han, M.D. Mood Disorders
2014-02-06 Leigh Cunningham, M.D. Personality Disorders

Sleep Medicine

Posted Presenter Title
2014-05-20 Daniel G. Glaze, M.D., FAASM Sleep Medicine for the Neurologist