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The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Department of Neurology
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Conferences and Didactics

Dr. Mizrahi teaching the residents. Dr. Mizrahi teaching the residents.

Dr. Mizrahi teaching the residents.

Conferences are given in a lecture or case discussion format. PGY1s attend the conferences of the service on which they are rotating. PGY2-4 residents attend the neurology lecture series. The details of conference schedules are shown in the following table. In addition to the conferences listed below, residents on the Ben Taub General Hospital / Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center outpatient rotation have five hours of additional didactics that focus on important outpatient topics. Residents have protected time to attend the mandatory conferences. Conferences are "mandatory" for the benefit of the residents in that each service must make accommodations for residents to attend. Meals are provided by the Department of Neurology at the mandatory lunchtime conferences.

7 a.m.
SLEH Interventional Neuroradiology Conference;

Movement Disorders Video Rounds;

SLEH Epilepsy Surgery Conference
TCH Neuroradiology Conference
8 a.m.
BTGH Clinic Lecture Series
BTGH Clinic Lecture Series
BTGH Clinic Lecture Series
BTGH Clinic Lecture Series
8:30 a.m.
- - - -
BTGH Neuroradiology Conference
11 a.m.
- - -
Multiple Sclerosis Case Conference

MEDVAMC Neuroradiology Conference
MS Journal Club
Neurology Grand Rounds
Neurology Lecture Series
TCH Pediatric Neurology Grand Rounds
Neurology Lecture Series;
- or -
Movement Disorders Journal Club (monthly);
- or -
Epilepsy Journal club (monthly)
Stroke Journal Club (monthly);
- or -
Performance Improvement Conference (monthly);

Professor Rounds (twice monthly);
- or -
Case Conference (once per month)
1 p.m.
- - - -
Neuroradiology (two times per month);

Neuropathology (once per month)
2:30 p.m.
- -
SLEH Neurocritical Care Society Lecture Series
MEDVAMC Clinic Lecture Series
4 p.m.
MDACC Neuro-oncology Lectures
- - - -
5:30 p.m.
- - -
SLEH Stroke M&M Conference

BTGH = Ben Taub General Hospital
MDACC = University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
MEDVAMC = Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center
SLEH = St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital
TCH = Texas Children's Hospital

Neurology Grand Rounds

Adult Neurology Grand Rounds are held every Monday at noon in the Blue Bird Auditorium of the Neurosensory Center from mid-August through the end of June. The faculty members and invited guests present lectures on recent advances in neurology.

Neurology Lecture Series

Tuesday and Thursday lectures focus on specific fields of Neurology. Typically, 8-9 lectures on each particular field are delivered by the faculty members or invited experts. The power point slides and education materials are available online as educational resources for the residents. Some examples of lecture series topics include:

  1. Neurology emergencies and critical care
  2. Neuroanatomy
  3. Neurogenetics
  4. Epilepsy
  5. EEG
  6. Neuromuscular disease
  7. EMG
  8. Neurocritical care
  9. Stroke
  10. Neuroethics
  11. Infectious disease and neurology
  12. Movement disorders
  13. Dementia
  14. Headache and pain
  15. Neurological complications of medical disease
  16. Child neurology
  17. Behavioral neurology
  18. Neuro-oncology
  19. Psychiatry
  20. Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  21. Neuro-ophthalmology
  22. Neuro-otology
  23. Multiple sclerosis and neuro-immunology
  24. Women's issues in neurology

Child Neurology Grand Rounds

Child Neurology Grand Rounds are held each Wednesday at noon at the Texas Children's Hospital Auditorium. These grand rounds cover various topics such as primary neurological disorders in children, neuropathology, neuroradiology, neurodevelopmental disorders, etc.

Professor Rounds

Professor Rounds are held every other Friday. from 1-2 p.m. Once a month they are held in the Blue Bird Library of the Neurosensory Center and once a month at Ben Taub General Hospital 4th floor conference room. Residents perform a history and physical exam on a patient who is unknown to them while being observed by one faculty member, along with residents and students. This is an excellent opportunity for residents to improve their history taking skills, neurological examination, and differential diagnosis skills.

Performance Improvement Conference

Peroformance Improvement Conference (formally Morbidity & Mortality) uses the six ACGME core competencies as a basis for reviewing issues in the provision of neurological care to patients. A senior resident not involved in the care under review is asked to perform a chart audit of a case that has the potential to illustrate importance issues in performance improvement. Using Joint Commission Tracer methodology, the Senior Resident follows the care of the patient as documented in the chart and identifies areas where there was breakdown in patient care. Each identified area implicates one of the core competencies. The analysis results in a performance improvement plan. The Senior Resident then reviews the findings with the neurology residents and staff who were responsible for the patient's care and provides feedback. The case is then presented in a peer-review context with the names of the resident and the hospital de-identified.

Clinic Lecture Series

Residents rotating on the Ben Taub/MEDVAMC Outpatient Neurology rotation start the day (except Thursday mornings) with a 30-minute pre-clinic lecture at Ben Taub about an important topic related to outpatient neurology. Topics include headache, peripheral neuropathy, multiple sclerosis management, seizure management, and dementia. On Friday afternoon, there is an additional lecture at the MEDVAMC.

Neuroradiology Conferences

Neuroradiogy conferences take place at all affiliated hospitals on a weekly basis. Residents are required to attend the conference at the hospital at which they are rotating. In addition, neuroradiology case conferences occur on Friday afternoons.

Neuropathology Conferences

Our monthly neuropathology conference is designed to educate residents on the interpretation of neuroradiological and neuropathological studies. Dr. Clay Goodman, a leading neuropathologist and educator, runs this conference and emphasizes clinical and radiographic-pathological correlations.

Journal Clubs

  • Stroke Journal Club is held monthly under the guidance of Dr. Jose Suarez and Dr. Pitch Mandava. Residents review and critically appraise the latest vascular neurology-related articles.
  • Movement Disorders Journal Club is held monthly under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Jankovic and Dr. Joohi Jimenez-Shahed. Residents review recent articles of interest and then view video clips of relevant movement disorders.
  • Epilepsy Journal Club alternates monthly with Multitple Sclerosis Journal Club. Dr. David Chen runs the epilepsy journal club, and Dr. George Hutton runs the multiple sclerosis journal club. The latest therapeutic and basic science advances are reviewed in both journal clubs.

Neuro-oncology Lecture Series

This conference is designed for residents rotating on the neuro-oncology service at M.D. Anderson. The conference is on Monday afternoon and is located in the M.D. Anderson Faculty Center.

Interventional Neuroradiology Conferences

Interventional neuroradiologists and neurocritical care attendings at St. Luke's meet every Tuesday to discuss interesting cases with a focus on neurovascular intervention.

Movement Disorders Video Rounds

Every Tuesday morning at the Baylor Clinic, movement disorders attending and fellows discuss interesting movement disorders cases and review video clips. Clinical phenomenology and differential diagnoses are discussed.

Epilepsy Surgery Conferences

Epileptologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and neuropsychiatrists convene at this conference to discuss cases eligible for epilepsy surgery at Texas Children's and St. Luke's.

Multiple Sclerosis Case Conferences

Multiple sclerosis conferences are led by Dr. George J. Hutton along with their fellows to discuss various presentations of multiple sclerosis.

St. Luke’s Stroke Morbidity and Mortality Conferences

The third Thursday evening of each month, stroke mortality and morbidity conferences are held in St. Luke's, with emphasis on stroke and intracranial hemorrhage cases.

Town Hall Meetings

The Program Director and neurology residents meet no less than once every quarter to discuss the issues related to the neurology residency program, education, and recent updates in the department.

Regional and National Conferences

Each year, the Department of Neurology organizes one national conference, Current Neurology. Residents are invited to attend free of charge. Current Neurology is a two-day conference focusing on the recent advances in neurology.

Neuropathology Review is a one-day course in spring that provides an extensive review of the pathology of the nervous system in preparation for the Residency In-Training Examination. The course is organized by Dr. Clay Goodman, Department of Pathology and Neurology at BCM and Dr. Greg Fuller, Department of Pathology at M.D. Anderson.

Neuroanatomy Review is a one-day course organized by the Department of Neurosurgery at BCM to help residents to review the most important topics in neuroanatomy.

All residents must attend one national conference during their training, but most Baylor Neurology residents attend two or more conferences. PGY3 residents are provided with a stipend to attend a regional meeting, and PGY4 residents are provided with a stipend for a national meeting. Schedules for PGY4 residents are created so as to allow all PGY4s to attend the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting. Residents who present abstracts at meetings are accommodated to make sure they are able to present. Residents are given up to twenty days over the course of training for educational conferences.

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