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Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Department of Neurology
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Rahul Damani, M.D., M.P.H.

Neurocritical Care Clinical Fellow (Year 2)

Medical School

M.D., C.U. Shah Medical College, Surendranagar, India

Graduate School

M.P.H., University of Texas, Houston, Texas


Internal Medicine, Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, Mich.


Neurology, Wayne State College, Neb.

Contact Information

Rahul Damani, M.D., M.P.H.
Department of Neurology
Baylor College of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza, MS NB302
Houston, Texas 77030


Journal Publications

  • Kansara A, Miller D, Damani R, Fuerst D, Silver B, Chaturvedi S. Variability in carotid endarterectomy practice patterns within a metropolitan area. Stroke. 2012;43(11):3105-7. [View journal article]
  • Damani R, Ross MW, Aral SO, Berman S, St Lawrence J, Williams ML. Emotional intimacy predicts condom use: findings in a group at high sexually transmitted disease risk. Int J STD AIDS. 2009;20(11):761-4. [View journal article]

Poster and Platform Presentations (Selected out of 16)

  • Suchdev K, Damani R, Varade P, Abhishek F, Norris G. Transthoracic echocardiography for lacunar strokes: Do we need it in all patients? Neurology. 2013;80(Meeting Abstracts 1):P01.234.
  • Rayes M, Bhattacharya P, Damani R, Chaturvedi S. High utilization of CAS procedures among the elderly in the post CREST era. Stroke. 2013;44(2_MeetingAbstracts):ATMP105.
  • Rayes M, Bhattacharya P, Damani R, Chaturvedi S. Increased carotid stenting for nonspecific symptoms in the post-CREST era. Stroke. 2013;44(2_MeetingAbstracts):AWMP106.
  • Abhishek F, Damani R, Mohamed W, Suchdev K, Varade P, Atkinson B, et al. Prior statin use reduces rate of delayed cerebral ischemia after subarachnoid hemorrhage. Neurocrit Care. 2012;17:S307.
  • Damani R, Abhishek F, Mohamed W, Suchdev K, Varade P, Norris G, et al. Angiogramp-negative subarachnoid hemorrhage (aN-SAH): Not as benign as you would think. Neurocrit Care. 2012;17:S320.
  • Mohamed W, Varade P, Damani R, Abhishek F, Suchdev K, Norris G, et al. Comparing perfusion computed tomography to digital subtraction angiography in detecting delayed cerebral ischemia. Neurocrit Care. 2012;17:S310.
  • Bhattacharya P, Damani R, Rayes M, Chaturvedi S. Complication rates among women receiving contemporary carotid revascularization procedures. Neurology. 2012;78(Meeting Abstracts 1):S33.003.
  • Kansara A, Damani R, Xavier A, Chaturvedi S. Outcomes of endovascular intervention in post cardiac catheterization ischemic strokes. Neurology. 2012;78(Meeting Abstracts 1):P05.265.
  • Bhattacharya P, Damani R, Rayes M, Chaturvedi S. Has patient selection for carotid endarterectomy and stenting changed over time? Carotid revascularization in the post CREST era. Stroke. 2012;43(2_MeetingAbstracts) Suppl 1:A7.
  • Damani R, Rayes M, Bhattacharya P, Chaturvedi S. Carotid revascularization in elderly asymptomatic patients: Are the results optimal? Stroke. 2012;43(2_MeetingAbstracts) Suppl 1:A2956.

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