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Physio - Postdoc Program

Houston, Texas

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Molecular Physiology - Postdoc Program
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Calendars - Seminars & Courses

These seminars are intended to allow the postdoc trainee practice and feedback on presenting a seminar. These seminars are intended for members of the department of molecular phsyilogy biophyscs. Anyone not in the department and wishes to attend a seminar, please contact Dr. Wehrens. NOTE: Lunches are closed to all non-physiology personnel.

Postgraduate Seminar Series
Conference Room 409B
Thursday, 12 p.m. (Noon)

Date Name Guest Speakers/Lunch
Sept. 6, 2007 Min Li N/A
Sept. 13, 2007 Tegy Vaddakan N/A
Sept. 27, 2007 Paula Aracena Mariella Debiasi, Ph.D.
Oct. 4, 20 Liangwen Xiong N/A
Oct. 25, 1007 Cynthia Masaad N/A
Nov. 15, 2007 Feridis Serrano Pumin Zhang, Ph.D.
Jeannette Kunz, Ph.D.
Dec. 13, 2007 Jianju Xu Lori R. Hill DVM, DACLAM
Institutional Veterinarian
Baylor College of Medicine
Dec. 27, 2007 Mihael Chelu N/A
Jan. 24, 2008 Rui Rui Ji N/A
Feb. 14, 2008 Irina Larina N/A
March 6, 2008 Dimitra Georgiou N/A
March 27, 2008 Subeena Sood N/A
April 17, 2008 Jing Zhao N/A
May 8, 2008 Cheng Long N/A
May 29, 2008 Ralph Van Ort N/A