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Physio - Postdoc Program

Houston, Texas

BCM has 25 departments and more than 90 research and patient-care centers.
Molecular Physiology - Postdoc Program
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Reference Materials

Postdoctoral Education

Compact Between Postdoctoral Appointees and Their Mentors Association of American Medical Colleges (Dec. 2006)

Making The Right Moves – A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty Electronic book based on the BWF-HHMI course in scientific management for the beginning academic investigator (2006, BWF-HHMI)

Professionalizing the postdoctoral experience
Christie Aschwanden (Cell. 2006 Febr 10; 2006;24:445) The first postdoctoral association was launched in the United States 13 years ago. Although postdoctoral associations have made tremendous progress toward improving the lives of postdoctoral fellows, their job is not finished yet.

Ethical Conduct of Research

Peers Nip Misconduct in The Bud - Read the Nature Article

Responding to Research Wrongdoing: A User-Friendly Guide

The First Faculty Position

Taking on That First Faculty Job David Burgess (Nature. 2007 Jun 28;447:1142)

European Postdoc Career Development Initiative

HHMI Lab Management web site


Training Scientists to Make the Right Moves – A Practical Guide to Developing Programs in Scientific Management
Companion to ‘Making The Right Moves’. This guide is about the discrete steps involved in course planning and follow-up – the behind-the-scenes activities that are invisible to participants but essentials to a successful training event (2006, BWF-HHMI)

The BWF-HHMI Courses in Scientific Management: A Case Study
This document explains why and how the courses were developed, and gives an overview of the course sessions (2006, BWF-HHMI)

Entering Mentoring. A Seminar to Train a New Generation of Scientists The Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching - (2005). Handelsman, Pfund, Lauffer, Pribblenow

Nature’s Guide for Mentors - Adrian Lee et al. (Nature. 2007 June 14;447:791-7)

Learning to Lead - Christie Aschwanden (Cell. 2006;125:407) Reviewing Papers

Reviewing Papers

What Constitutes a Great Review?
Anthony N. DeMaria (J Am Coll Cardiol. 2003 Oct 1;42:1314-5)

Professionalizing the postdoctoral experience
Christie Aschwanden (Cell. 2006 Feb 10; 2006;24:445)


Postdoctoral Teaching: Savvy Career Move or Distraction From Research?
Meghan Guinnee. ScienceCareers May 16, 2006.
Some universities are starting to make such training available to graduate students, postdocs, and beginning faculty members. But is it a good idea to seek it out?

Educational Courses Master Calendar (BCM)

How to get a tenure-track position at a PUI
How to develop and administer institutional research programs
These books are available to browse and page-copy the part of interest from Xander Wehrens, M.D., Ph.D.