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Physio - Pedersen Lab

Houston, Texas

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Pedersen Lab
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Lab Equipment & Facilities

The lab is fully equipped for biochemistry and molecular biology, including a fume hood, incubators, gel electrophoresis equipment, and HPLC. We have access to departmental centrifuges and ultracentrifuges, counters, confocal microscope, and a staffed tissue culture facility. We have automated ligand binding by robotics and using 96 well filter harvesters to remove the drudgery of pipetting. The lab also has equipment for fluorescence, including two departmental steady-state fluorescent spectrophotometers, a stopped-flow device, a millisecond luminescence lifetime instrument.

Packard Multiprobe II Robot
1. Packard Multiprobe II Robot

2. Packard Filter Harvester (no picture)

Beckman System Gold HPLC
3. Beckman System Gold HPLC

4. IBH Diode Laser Fluorescent Lifetime System (no picture)

Cary / Bio uv / vil Spectrophotometer
5. Cary / Bio uv / vil Spectrophotometer

Cobra II Gamma Counter
6. Cobra II Gamma Counter

SLM 8000c Fluorometer (recently upgraded)
7. SLM 8000c Fluorometer (recently upgraded)

SS PC1 Fluorometer
8. ISS PC1 Fluorometer

9. Kintek 2001SF Stopped Flow System (no picture)