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Physio - Optical Imaging and Vital Microscopy Core

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
Optical Imaging and Vital Microscopy
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Services and Fees


  • Multispectral 4D fluorescence imaging
  • Automated widefield 3D imaging
  • Two-photon and second harmonic imaging
  • Live imaging of tissue/organ development in embryos and live animals
  • Live imaging of flowing fluorescent particles such as fluorescent beads, fluorescently labeled erythroblasts, etc.
  • Excitation and emission fingerprinting of fluorescent markers

Image analysis

  • Automated nuclear counting
  • Detection and tracking of fluorescently labeled particles to measure their displacement, speed, etc.
  • 3D rendering of fluorescent structures in z-stack images
  • Quantifying vascular morphology using classical measures and complexity measures such as fractal dimension
  • Enhanced image analysis using parallel computation on multicore processors
  • Custom design of image analysis


Please click here to see the fees for imaging/image analysis services.

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