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Physio - Optical Imaging and Vital Microscopy Core

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
Optical Imaging and Vital Microscopy
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Gallery of Movies

  • Second harmonic signal from collagen in patellaSecond Harmonic Signal from Collagen Second harmonic signal from Collagen in patella. Z-stack acquired using LSM 7 MP two-photon microscope. Tissue Courtesy: Dr. Brendan Lee Lab.
  • Erythroblasts flowing through capillary plexusGFP labeled erythroblasts Erythroblasts in a developing mouse embryo yolksac tagged by the fluorescent protein GFP.
  • Macrophages and MicrovesselsMacrophages and Microvessels Macrophages are tagged by GFP and microvessels are tagged by mCherry. Time series acquired using LSM 5 LIVE.
  • Merkel CellsMerkel Cells Merkel Cells stained with BODIPY. Z-stack acquired using LSM 510 META. Z-stack Courtesy: Dr. Henry Haeberle.
  • Mouse Yolksac VesselsMouse Yolksac Vessels Labeled by VE-Cadherin Cell membranes of endothelial cells that comprise the blood vessels in a mouse yolksac are labeled by VE-Cadherin. The nuclei of the endothelial cells are tagged by YFP. Z-stack acquired using LSM 510 META.
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