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Physio - Larina Lab

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Physio - Larina Lab
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Current Projects

Our efforts are currently focused on:

  • Analysis of structural and functional abnormalities in mutant embryos with outflow tract defects to establish to which degree the primary defects in these models are derived from abnormal morphology or function.
  • Optimization of live in utero imaging for visualization and characterization of abnormal in utero development in two mouse mutants, Pcgf3 model with limb formation defects and Pax6-SV40 T-antigen mice, a model of embryonic retinoblastoma (in collaboration with Dr. Paul Overbeek).
  • Characterization of early cardiac phenotypes in Zic3 (in collaboration with Dr. John Belmont) and Pitx2 (in collaboration with Dr. James Martin) KO mouse models to understand the role of mechanical forces of heart contraction and blood flow in Zic3 mediated regulation of heart morphogenesis.

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