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Physio - Larina Lab

Houston, Texas

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Physio - Larina Lab
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Irina Larina, Ph.D.

Irina V. Larina, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Co-Director, Optical Imaging and Vital Micoscopy Core

Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston
Postdoctoral, Baylor College of Medicine


Research Interests

We are working on development and application of highly innovative methods for live dynamic imaging and analysis of mammalian embryonic development. Our approach combines live embryo manipulation protocols, state-of-the-art optical coherence tomography technology (OCT), and advanced computational analysis.

While working on this project, we have developed protocols for early mouse embryo imaging with OCT, which resulted in the first successful dynamic visualization of developing mammalian embryos in culture with cellular resolution. We have shown that individual circulating blood cells can be visualized and blood flow measurements can be acquired from the individual blood cells in deep embryonic vessels.

We are now developing a methodology for live in utero OCT imaging of mouse embryos to allow for longitudinal embryonic analysis with previously unprecedented spatial resolution.

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