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Physio - Graduate Program

Houston, Texas

As a premier academic medical center, BCM accepts the mantle of leadership in patient care, research, and education.
Graduate Program
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Financial Aid and Benefits

Effective July 2011: A stipend and fringe benefits package is awarded to all graduate students. The total financial package is $42,900.

Many of the benefits our students receive are:

  • $29,000 annual stipend
  • Full tuition scholarships - annual value of $22,000
  • Health insurance - annual value of $3,075 (with an option to purchase additional insurance for immediate family members)
  • Optional dental insurance
  • Teaching or grading is not mandatory
  • Opportunities to investigate alternative careers by doing internships after third year
  • Seminar series on career options
  • Job placement assistance
  • Editing assistance in writing (papers, CV, cover letters)