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Molecular and Human Genetics - Vandenveyver Lab

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
Van den Veyver Lab
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Selected Publications

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  • Aagaard K, Riehle K, Ma J, Segata N, Mistretta TA, Coarfa C, Raza S, Rosenbaum S, Van den Veyver I, Milosavljevic A, Gevers D, Huttenhower C, Petrosino J, Versalovic J. A metagenomic approach to characterization of the vaginal microbiome signature in pregnancy. PLoS One 2012;7:e36466.
  • Fruhman G, Eble TN, Gambhir N, Sutton VR, Van den Veyver IB, Lewis RA. Opthalmologic findings in Aicardi syndrome. J AAPOS 2012;16:238-41.
  • Breman A, Pursley AN, Hixson P, Bi W, Ward P, Bacino CA, Shaw C, Lupski JR, Beaudet A, Patel A, Cheung SW, Van den Veyver I. Prenatal chromosomal microarray analysis in a diagnostic laboratory; experience with >1000 cases and review of the literature. Prenat Diagn 2012;32:351-61.
  • Willis AS, Van den Veyver I, Eng CM. Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) and prenatal diagnosis. Prenat Diagn 2012;32:315-20.
  • Shaffer LG, Van den Veyver IB. New technologies for the assessment of chromosomes in prenatal diagnosis. Prenat Diagn 2012;32:307-8.
  • Liu W, Shaver TM, Balasa A, Ljungberg MC, Wang X, Wen S, Nguyen H, Van den Veyver IB. Deletion of Porcn in mice leads to multiple developmental defects and models human focal dermal hypoplasia (Goltz syndrome). PLoS One 2012;7:e32331.
  • Bi W, Breman A, Shaw CA, Stankiewicz P, Gambin T, Lu X, Cheung SW, Jackson LG, Lupski JR, Van den Veyver IB, Beaudet AL. Detection of ≥ 1 Mb microdeletions and microduplications in a single cell using custom oligonucleotide arrays. Prenat Diagn 2012;32:12-20.


  • Strassberg M, Fruhman G, Van den Veyver IB. Copy-number changes in prenatal diagnosis. Expert Rev Mol Diagn 2011;11:579-92.
  • Harris RA, Ferrari F, Ben-Shachar S, Wang X, Saade G, Van Den Veyver I, Facchinetti F, Aagaard-Tillery K. Genome-wide array-based copy number profiling in human placentas from unexplained stillbirths. Prenat Diagn 2011;31:932-44.
  • Balasa A, Sanchez-Valle A, Sadikovic B, Sangi-Haghpeykar H, Bravo J, Chen L, Liu W, Fiorotto ML, Van den Veyver IB. Chronic Maternal Protein Deprivation in Mice Is Associated with Overexpression of the Cohesin-Mediator Complex in Liver of Their Offspring. J Nutr 2011;141:2106-12.













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