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Molecular and Human Genetics - neurometatrans Lab

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
The Lee Lab at BCM
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Soo Lee Lab at BCM

Transcriptional Regulation in Neural Development and Metabolism

Neuro-muscular junction

Our Research

Our goal is to develop a comprehensive map of the complex gene regulatory networks that direct cell-fate specification and assembly of neuro-circuits. In particular, we are engaged in the fundamental aspects of mammalian transcriptional regulation, including the roles of transcriptional coregulators that function through chromatin remodeling and modification.

As model systems, we explore the neural developmental processes of mouse and chick embryos as well as the transcriptional regulatory basis for the development of two metabolic neurons in the arcuate nuclear region of the hypothalamus, orexigenic AgRP and anorexigenic POMC neurons. We also study their function in regulating appetite and energy expenditure.

LMO4-null embryoDeveloping neural tube by EMneuronal cell bodies

"Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future" -Charles F. Kettering-

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*Lee featured in "The Scientist"

*Recent papers: Genes Dev 2007 (antagonism of REST/SCP1 by miR-124)

Dev Cell 2008 (feedforward regulation in motor neuron development)

Neuron 2009 (LMO4 in balancing V2a and V2b)

Neuron 2009 (RA triggers RAR-Ngn2 complex on E-box to recruit CBP during motor neuron development)

*Lee was awarded "the 2009 Excellence in Reserch Award" from the Cell Biology Dept.