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Leal Lab

Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Molecular and Human Genetics - Center for Statistical Genetics
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Genetic Association Course Application


Copy the following content in the body of and email using this link: GA Course Application.

Your name & title: __________________________________________________

Company / University __________________________________________________

Department: __________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________



Tel. number: _________________________________________________

Fax number: __________________________________________________

E-mail: __________________________________________________

Special Interests (e.g. Bipolar Disease, asthma, method development, etc)



MDC housing:

(___) I wish to use housing at the MDC campus.

(___) I will make my own hotel arrangements.

Note: Due to a limited number of rooms, we cannot guarantee housing at the MDC. We will forward information on how to make reservations at MDC at a later date – please note that we do not make the reservations for you, this question is asked so we may inform MDC of approximately how many people will be requesting housing. We also reserve a block of rooms at two nearby hotels and will also forward information on reserving a room.

Applications are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis. Applications will be accepted after the due date; if the course is filled, the applicant will be placed on the waiting list.

Payments directions: Please send no money now. Applicants accepted for the course will receive payment instructions.

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