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Genetics - Graduate Program

Houston, Texas

Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics - Graduate Program
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Thesis and Thesis Defense


At least one term prior to defense of the thesis, the full Thesis Advisory Committee should meet and approve a target date for the thesis defense. In a brief report, the student and major advisor should:

  1. Outline the accomplishments to be presented in the thesis
  2. Obtain the signature of the members of the committee in attendance, acknowledging their approval of the student's progress.
  3. Indicate the target date for the defense of the thesis.

The form and content of the dissertation should be discussed by the student and his/her major advisor. The format of the dissertation includes an "Introduction or Background" section that reviews the literature and a statement of the problem addressed, a "Results" section, a "Materials and Methods" section, and finally a "Discussion and Conclusions" section.

The thesis defense can occur only after the thesis is in final form. The approval of the final form must be given by the thesis committee. Changes recommended at the time of the defense may be incorporated subsequently.

The thesis must be submitted to the Thesis Advisory Committee at least two weeks prior to the defense to permit the members adequate time to review it.

The rules and regulations regarding the dissertation have been formalized by the Graduate School. The regulations are defined in the Policy Handbook of the Graduate School.

Defense of Thesis

The defense of the thesis is governed by the regulations established by the Graduate School.

The defense must be completed in an acceptable fashion at least one month prior to graduation.

The thesis defense includes a thesis seminar followed by defense of the dissertation. The seminar is open to the public. The dissertation defense is conducted by the Thesis Advisory Committee. Baylor faculty may attend the defense, but only the committee may question the candidate.

Following the examination, the Thesis Advisory Committee discusses the outcome in the candidate’s absence and votes to pass or fail the candidate.

The record of the vote is recorded on Graduate School Form Defense of Dissertation Results, and submitted to the Graduate School Office.

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