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Genetics - Graduate Program

Houston, Texas

Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics - Graduate Program
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Graduate Student Research Seminars

A seminar series in which senior students (second year and up) will present their own research to an audience of students and faculty to develop their presentation skills. The students will present their own work approximately once each year in a revolving schedule. Following each student's presentation, constructive advice from faculty and students will be provided about improving presentation skills and about producing effective presentation materials. The course is aimed to supply the students with the experience necessary to perform highly successful presentations outside of the college in national scientific meetings.

Meets Wednesdays in Rm. 201A. Refreshments will be available at 3:30 p.m. Talks begin at 3:45 p.m.

Term 1 - 2013
Date Speaker 1st Year Presenter
July 31 No Class No Class
Aug. 7 Introduction -- Tyler Beck/ Jason Saliba Brittany Barreto
Aug. 14 Ruchi Masand/ Jia Peng Justin Bartanus
Aug. 21 Adithya Raghavan/ Amanda Rosewell Rachayata Dharmat
Aug. 28 Nya Nelson/ Jaime Williams Madelyn Gillentine
Sept. 4 Hitisha Zaveri/ Beatriz Santillan Michael Gundry
Sept. 11 Zach Zalewski/ Xia Wang Seung Yeop Han
Sept. 18 Maria Namwanje/ Amritha Nair Yi-Chen Hsieh
Term 2 - 2013
Date Speaker 1st Year Presenter
Oct. 9 Caressa Lietman/ Allison Mayle Evan Jones
Oct. 16 Grad Student Symposium Poster Session - No Class
Oct. 23 Hsing-I Ho/ Hong Lian Jiani Li
Oct. 30 Turgut Dogruluk/ Ryan Mayle Angel Lopez
Nov. 6 Liubin Yang/ Eric Zaneveld/ Xijie Zhai Isaiah Neve
Nov. 13 Priya Sivaramakrishnan/ Jessica Sowa/ Feng Wang Kate Shelly
Nov. 20 Stanley Hooker/ Cheng-Lin Li/ Chih-Chun Lin Lauren Straker
Nov. 27 Jaclyn Bravo/ Ian Campbell/ Zongxiao He Amanda Webb
Term 3 - 2014
Date Speaker 1st Year Presenter
Jan. 8 Departmental Retreat (Jan. 9-10) - No Class
Jan. 15 Laura Heckman/ Christie Buchovecky Janson White
Jan. 22 Shaun Davis/ Xiaotan Zhang Hui Ye
Jan. 29 Amin Viren (RS)/ Vitaliy Bondar (HD) Brittany Barreto
Feb. 5 Chun-An Chen (RS)/ Adetutu Egunsola (CH) Justin Bartanus
Feb. 12 Paul Fullerton(HD)/ Violet Gelowani (CH) Rachayata Dharmat
Feb. 19 Cynthia Kim (HD)/ Stephanie Kyle (RS) Madelyn Gillentine
Term 4 - 2014
Date Speaker 1st Year Presenter
March 12 Ann Sukumar (HD)/ Jiani Yin (RS) Michael Gundry
March 19 Lakshya Bajaj (HD)/ Ivenise Carrero (CH) Seung Yeop Han
March 26 Richard Chapple (RS)/ Hang Dai (CH) Yi-Chen Hsieh
April 2 Charlene Emerson (RS)/ Catherine Haines (CH) Evan Jones
April 9 Caitlin Mincer (RS)/ Nicholad Neill (HD) Jiani Li
April 16 Ninad Oak (CH)/ Prasanna Ramachandran (HD) Angel Lopez
April 23 Meagan Siehr (CH)/Zachry Soens (RS) Isaiah Neve
April 30 Li Wang (RS)/ Mingchu Xu (HD) Kate Shelly

Please arrange your appointment to meet the Monday before your presentation with your assigned faculty advisor:
CH - Christophe Herman
HD - Herman Dierick
RS - Rodney Samaco

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