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Genetics - Graduate Program

Houston, Texas

Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics - Graduate Program
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Graduate Program

Genetics Graduate Student

The Graduate Program in Molecular and Human Genetics provides outstanding educational opportunities for students who wish to pursue a career in research, education, and service in this field.

Students in the program obtain rigorous training in modern biology with a special emphasis on genetics. They also participate in cutting-edge research on a variety of topics and publish their work in some of the best peer-reviewed journals in the world. The unique environment of a large medical center provides students with an opportunity to obtain education and practical experience in both basic and applied research.

Baylor College of Medicine is the only academic institution to offer Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing. Students enrolled in our program have the unique opportunity to attend Whole Exome Sign Out Rounds, held monthly on campus. There they witness the tremendous impact next generation sequencing technology has had on the evaluation of Mendelian disorders.

Through Whole Exome Sign Out Rounds, our students learn how WES data are interpreted for clinical significance. They experience firsthand the ongoing collaboration between the genomic scientists, clinical laboratory scientists and clinicians at our Human Genome Sequencing Center, and within the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics and the BCM Medical Genetics Laboratories. They learn how new advances in next generation sequencing, interpretation and gene annotation are implemented in clinical testing.

Whole Exome Sign Out Rounds provide students with an interest in DNA diagnostics unparalleled exposure to the field. Educational videos from some of these conferences are available.

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Nicholas Neill has been named a CPRIT Trainee. Congratulations Neil!

Prasanna Ramachandran received a Predoctoral Fellowship from the American Heart Association. Congratulations Prasanna!

Li Wang received a Weatherstone Predoctoral Fellowship from Autism Speaks. Congratulations Li!

Ian Campbell received a NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Individual Predoctoral National Research Service Award (NRSA) from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Congratulations Ian!

Laura Heckman was a 1st Place Poster Winner at the 2013 Graduate Student Symposium. Stephanie Kyle was a 3rd Place Poster Winner, and Nick Neill received the John Trentin Award for academic excellence. Congratulations to these students!

Michael Gundry was selected to be a 2013-2014 BRASS Scholar. Congratulations Michael! We are proud of all of our BRASS Scholars which include Nya Nelson and Charlene Emerson.

Congratulations to Christie M. Buchovecky for her first-author manuscript “A suppressor screen in Mecp2 mutant mice implicates cholesterol metabolism in Rett syndrome” that was recently accepted by Nature Genetics.

Jaclyn Bravo, Stanley Hooker, Cheng-Lin Li, Chih-Chun Lin, Feng Wang and Xiaotian Zhang were named Fellows in The Houston Laboratory and Population Sciences Training Program in Gene-Environment Interaction 2013-2015.

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