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Genetics - BaSH Consortium

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Molecular and Human Genetics
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Use this field to search the IKMC database to determine ES cell and mouse availability for your gene of interest. For more information, please see our FAQs or the IKMC Knowledgebase.

Ordering Mice

The NIH has issued a policy stating that anyone involved in generating mouse mutants must provide a sharing plan for such mutants. This information is found at Trans-NIH Mouse Initiatives page.

BCM is listed as the MI/Distribution Center on IKMC for any KOMP2 genes for which mice have been produced and are temporarily on the shelf for the phenotyping project. Materials, frozen or on the shelf, will be sent upon request once KOMP2 phenotyping and repository obligations are fulfilled. After this time, sperm will be available from repositories.

When a strain is requested, the strain material will be delivered as a live mice or sperm depending on availability. If frozen sperm is requested, the strain can be obtained from the KOMP Repository at the University of California-Davis. If a live strain is to be transferred from BCM, appropriate health transfer paperwork will be exchanged between the donor and recipient institutions to reduce the risk of transfer of infectious agents. Shipping costs will be paid by the requesting investigator, as well as charge of $125 as a handling fee. In addition, a Material Transfer Agreement will be exchanged prior to the transfer of mice (attached). Two breeding pairs of heterozygotes will be supplied. The investigator will be notified as to the estimated length of time for delivery of the strain. A request for mice may take up to 6 months, or you may be referred to the KOMP Repository. To begin this process, please complete our information form (Juan: please put appropriate link).

Once live mice are received, or frozen sperm is reconstituted, we highly recommend a performing a southern blot in parallel with colony expansion. To find southern blot restriction enzymes, find the appropriate IKMC project, and click the "Southern Blot Tool" link under "Tools."

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