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Molecular and Cellular Biology - Rosen Lab

Houston, Texas

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Rosen Lab
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Lab Protocols

Rosen Lab Protocol Date Posted
Adenovirus infection of primary MECs 5.9.2008
Avertin (anesthetic for mice) 9.1.2005
ChIP Assay (Chromatin immunoprecipitation assay) 9.1.2005
Freeze mammary gland pieces (for later transplantation) 9.1.2005
Hematoxylin & Eosin (staining of tissue sections) 9.1.2005
Hormone treatment, acute (2 day E+P) plus BrdU injection 9.1.2005
Immunostaining tutorial 9.1.2005
Immunostaining: dilutions and conditions 9.1.2005
Immunostaining: Representative images 9.1.2005
Immunofluorescence: General protocol 9.1.2005
Immunohistochemistry: General protocol 9.1.2005
Immunohistochemistry: "Milk Method" 9.1.2005
Immunoprecipitation Assay (for Western blotting) 9.1.2005
Lentiviral Production and Titering 5.5.2008
Mammosphere Propagation 4.9.2008
Masson Trichrome staining (stain for collagen) 9.1.2005
Paraformaldehyde, 4% (tissue fixative) 9.1.2005
Primary MEC Isolation Short (mammary epithelial cells) 9.1.2005
Primary MEC Isolation Overnight (mammary epithelial cells) 5.9.2008
Primary MEC extracts (for Western blots/IP assays) 9.1.2005
Progesterone receptor/ BrdU double immunofluoresence 9.1.2005
Retroviral infection of tissue culture cells 9.1.2005
Tumor Propagation/Freezing Protocol 4.9.2009
TUNEL assay (in situ detection of apoptotic cells) 4.9.2009
Wholemount staining (hematoxylin staining of whole mammary glands) 9.1.2005
Wholemount staining II (carmine alum staining of mammary glands) 9.1.2005
X-Gal staining of tissue (to detect LacZ expression)
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