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Department of Medicine - Winters Center

Houston, Texas

The staff of the Winters Center is engaged in translational research and clinical practice.
Winters Center for Heart Failure Research
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Wenyaw Chan, Ph.D.

Professor of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, UT Health Science Center at Houston

Phone: 713-500-9321 (office)
Fax: 713-500-9530

Committed to interdisciplinary research, Dr. Chan has participated in more than two dozen funded research projects in public health, including half a dozen population studies or clinical trials on cardiovascular health. His methodology research includes design and analysis of longitudinal studies, stochastic models and the development of biostatistical methods. In addition to biostatistical methodology, Dr. Chan has also involved several other areas of public health research. He has also taught several advanced level biostatistical courses, such as linear models, statistical methods for correlated outcome data, statistical analysis with missing data and stochastic processes. He has authored or coauthored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in statistics, medical sciences or public health. He also co-authored one textbook in mathematical statistics and one book in parent-adolescent relationship education.

Representative Articles:

  1. Chen, L., Chen, D., and Chan, W (2010) “Distribution-based p value for the outlier sum in differential gene expression analysis”. Biometrika 97:246-253.
  2. Yeh, H., Chan, W, Symanski, E., and Davis, B. (2010) “Estimating transition probabilities for ignorable intermittent missing data in a discrete-time Markov chain”. Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation 39 (2), 433 – 448.
  3. Tai, M., Meininger, J., Frazier, L. and Chan, W., (2010) "Ambulatory Blood Pressure and Physical Activity in Heart Failure", Biological Research for Nursing 3:269-279.
  4. Mahnken, J., Chan, W., Freeman, D. and Freeman, J. (2008) “Reducing the effects of lead-time bias, length bias, and over-detection in evaluating screening mammography: a censored bivariate data approach”, Statistical Methods in Medical Research. 17:643-663.
  5. Mun, Y., Chan, W., Lai, D. (2007) “A homogeneous continuous-time Markov chain approach to repeated categorical measurements: an application to laboratory shift analyses in clinical trials”, J P Journal of Biostatistics. 2:129-153.
  6. Li, Y., and Chan, W. (2006) “Analysis of longitudinal multinomial outcome data”. Biometrical Journal. 48: 319-326.
  7. Chan, W. and Peng, N. (2006) “Continuous time Markov chains on a system following an alternating renewal process” Statistics & Probability Letters. 76:362-368.
  8. Chang, C., Chan, W. and Kapadia, A. (2002), “The analysis of recurrent failure times: the time-dependent Yule process approach”. Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods. 31:1203-1213.
  9. Chen, D., Chan, W., Francis, D., Shaywitz,S. and Shaywitz, B.(2002), “Application of two-level negative exponential model to children’s learning curve in reading”. Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation. 31:279-299.

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